Why do sports teams use Riddle's quiz maker?

Global sports teams trust Riddle

Riddle's online quiz creator lets teams like the NFL's Chicago Bears, the English Premier League's Arsenal FC, and the NBA's Chicago Bulls quickly create and embed quizzes, polls, surveys, and more.

  • Fire up your fans with 15 quiz, poll, and other interactive content formats.
  • Fully responsive for mobile and desktop - get fans talking (and sharing).
  • Ask questions and engage your audience - collect emails and quiz responses to power your marketing.
  • Ideal for team sponsors - customize, brand, and embed 100% white labelled quizzes on your team's site.
A small selection of sports teams using Riddle.com

The Chicago Bears drafted Riddle's quiz creator

The NFL's Chicago Bears are big fans - they create timed, branded quizzes (with their sponsors' logos) before each game, like their "Test your knowledge - 9 questions about the Bears vs. the 49ers" quiz:

(We love how the Bears leveraged our CSS editor to fully brand their quiz and match their site's look and feel, from buttons to border styles and hover states.)

Create 15 types of quizzes - personality tests, listicles, polls, and more

Test your fans:
  • Quiz
  • Auto-quiz
  • Order it
  • Tap and find
Fan discovery:
  • Personality test
  • Interactive story (with conditional/branching logic)
Ask your fans:
  • Polls
  • Ranked poll
  • Reaction poll
  • Surveys
  • Ranked list
Quick content:
  • Social story
  • Listicle
Contest/email marketing:
  • All our quiz types support lead generation.
  • Or embed a standaline lead generation/contest entry form

Formula One wins the race with quizzes

Formula One build up fan interest around before each race - like their "Put your Belgian GP knowledge to the test!" quiz:

Quizzes fuel fan feedback

Make an online quiz to get your fans talking (and sharing).

Fun fact: Did you know? Every fan who starts a poll, quiz, or other interactive content stays 57% longer.

More time on site = more committed fans

(Plus - it's a great for Google SEO and for proving your content rocks with your team's stakeholders.)

Polls power BBC Sports' engagement

Check out the BBC's reaction poll at the bottom of the page - capturing Liverpool fans' disbelief at a miraculous win (with 300,000 responses -and counting!):

Quizzes go viral. Very viral.

The marketing mavens at AdWeek called "quizzes are the most shared content".

Social sharing is powerful - building buzz and sending all that free traffic to your team's site.

Each of our 14 quiz formats included in Riddle's quiz creator feature built-in social sharing:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • WhatsApp
  • Messenger

Make a quiz - then craft custom the social sharing for each network.

Pop in your hashtags, text, links and more - to drive your team's messaging for each social channel.

Chelsea FC scores with quizzes

English Premier League Chelsea FC has millions of followers globally who cheer on their Blues.

Chelsea's editorial teams create weekly timed quizzes (like this "Arsenal v. Chelsea" quiz - that they localize can for their overseas sites (Riddle supports 67 languages):

Collect fan email addresses and quiz responses

Gather leads online as well as contest entries using our online quiz creator.

  • Make your own forms with our drag/drop lead form builder.
  • Choose from 16 types of fields to collect emails, demographic, and other info.
  • Display your form right before their results - when they're most engaged.
  • Get opt-in rates of over 40% - that's more than 20X the 2% that standard lead generation tools achieve.

The NBA's Chicago Bulls slam dunk quizzes

The Chicago Bulls regularly create a quiz to build fan enthusiasm or support their marketing campaigns.

Check out their awesome "Run with us" quiz and contest around their YouTube video series:

(This quiz scored big-time for their marketing team -70% of all quiz takers entered to win, opting in for Chicago Bulls email marketing.)

Sync leads with your marketing software

Riddle's quiz maker plugs into over 1,500 different marketing software tools, from SalesForce to Constant Contact, Marketo to MailChimp.

  • Easily send all those fan leads and their quiz data to your marketing software - with no expensive coders or agencies necessary.
  • Leverage all this rich quiz data - qualify and tag each fan using their quiz responses.
  • Use deep insights to send each fan the right follow message at the right time - personalized to their needs and interests.

Guinness 6 Nations quizzes get a 'try'

The premier event for European rugby, the Guinness 6 Nations has a storied history - and hugely passionate fan base.

The tourney test their fans' knowledge with a series of tricky trivia quizzes - for online bragging rights they can share on social.

100% white labelled - your quiz, your team

Create a quiz and add your logo for 100% team-branded content.

  • Match your quizzes to your team's site - from branding to fonts, colors and more.
  • Over 40 customization options
  • Complete font freedom - upload your team's font or link to any Google/Typekit/Fontdeck font.
  • Get creative with our CSS editor - customize almost anything, to seamlessly blend into your site. (Don't know CSS? We're happy to help.)

Create a video or audio quiz for your fans

Pro sports teams use our online quiz maker to create immersive multimedia content. You can easily create your audio quiz ("Guess the player's voice!") or video contest ("Foul or no foul?") using clips.

The San Francisco 49ers are endlessly creative coming up with new ways to engage their fans in the off-season.

Take a look at their Can you name the players from just their voice?" audio quiz.

Show fans different offers or content - based on quiz results

Riddle's quiz creator makes it simple for sports teams like Arsenal (Premier League) to show each fan different content or landing pages - using their quiz answers.

  • Call to action buttons - pop in a button at the end of any quiz.
  • Use different text and URLs for each quiz result.
  • Quiz result landing pages - automatically send quiz takers from your quiz to any URL.

Arsenal excel at using quizzes with "Call to action" buttons to continuously entertain and educate their passionate footie fans.

Just take their 'Which former Arsenal captain are you?' personality test for example.

Quiz takers finish the quiz, see their result (like 'Thierry Henry'), then can click the call to action button to learn more about his legendary career.

Collaborate with your colleagues

Sports teams win when they work together. We created Riddle's quiz maker with a a flexible team feature to help you create a quiz with your colleagues:

  • Add any number of teams (ex. marketing/editorial/sales).
  • Easily invite your coworkers and sponsors to each team.
  • Control access with three different roles (author/editor/admin).

Manchester City FC festive poll

Who says polls have to be serious?

English Premier League Champions Man City created this brilliant 'Ugly Sweater' contest- using our poll format to ask their fans to vote on their team's best (or worst?) ugly sweater for a chance to win free tickets:

Got a question how to create a quiz for sports teams?

C'mon - don't be shy.

Ask us anything from quiz making to powering your fan marketing funnel- we're huge customer service geeks and love to help out.

That's part of our team DNA - you'll see everyone from our CEO Boris on down racing to answer your question first.

So fire away on support chat or email (hello@riddle.com) - from "How do I make an online quiz go viral?" to "What's the best way to collect leads online?", we're happy to help.