Story: where quiz meets blog

Riddle's quiz maker features 15 types of interactive content - from quizzes to personality tests and online polls.

We introduced our story as a 'quiz meets blog' format; you can make your own rich free text article or post.

Go beyond text - and easily embed images, videos, social media, quotes, and even other Riddle quizzes.

Total creative freedom.

If an article has but one dimension, and an interactive quiz two...

...the story gives you a full three dimensions of creativity.

Example story

You can view our story format in action below.

(One of our founders is based in rainy Manchester in the UK, so the topic isn't exactly a surprise!)

One quiz - many formats

The story is all about flexibility. Use our rich text editor for total control - including tables, HTML, colors, font sizes and more.

Our media picker lets you browse and insert any:

  • Pictures
  • GIFs
  • Videos
  • Twitter posts
  • Audio clips
  • Quotes and background images

You can also embed any of your other Riddle quiz units - no coding needed.

Smooth Radio's story approach

The UK's Smooth Radio is on the most digitally savvy networks on the planet. They use our story format to present rich, engaging multimedia posts about artists and topics - perfect for their 25-44 year old target demographic.

It's easy. "Easy like Sunday morning", in fact - you can see their story about the legendary Lionel Richie below:

Story - sample use cases

  • Reporting in real-time - Are you writing about a live event? Blogging about a sports match or a product release? The story lets you keep adding new chapters as events unfold - press publish and your story automatically updates. Heck, there's no need to even re-embed.
  • Longer-form posts - The story is designed for more free-flowing, longer content than polls, quizzes, or surveys. Add in the wide range of media types - and keep your audience focused and engaged with your topic.
  • Ever-changing articles - Sometimes a post isn't just a post, but a living, breathing piece of content. Imagine you're writing a review of the coolest cafes in London. Easily pop in additional chapters any time you review a new coffee hot spot.

Learn more @ the story format

You can read more about our story quiz format - or any of our 15 interactive content formats - in our blog.

We share tips, tricks, and best practices aroudn getting the most out of Riddle's quiz maker and the story quiz.

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