The reaction poll: Read. Vote. React.

Meet our 'reaction poll'. Capture your audience feedback - quickly create and embed your own online poll in under 60 seconds.

Crafted for busy content teams, reaction polls turn passive readers into active participants.

Simply ask a question, add an image, then embed - your online poll will be live on your site.

The BBC loves reaction polls

The British Broadcasting Corporation knows interaction is the key to keeping an audience engaged.

The BBC use our quiz maker to create reaction polls.

They turn to reaction polls to liven up their long-form content like this "Should non-smokers get extra vacation for not taking cigarette breaks?" article and "Should strawberries go on pizza?".


Get a 25% engagement rate

The reaction poll's gently pulsing animation catches your visitors' eye - but without being intrusive.

And the slider design encourages voting.

The payoff? A phenomenal 1 of every 4 page visitors will vote - that's 10X better than standard online surveys or pop-ups.

Pro sports teams pick reaction polls

The NFL's Carolina Panthers leverage reaction polls as a key part of their fan engagement strategy.

Check out this example poll - it turns an otherwise bland player update into a forum for their passionate fans to vote:

Instant audience feedback

And our quiz creator's reaction poll doesn't stop there.

Your audience can instantly see compare their reactions - our technology easily handle polls from 10 votes to 1,000,000+.

Reaction Poll - Result display

Age and gender breakdown

Dive deeper - include an optional age and gender step.

Go beyond just the vote totals. Gain valuable audience insights - compare feedback by male vs. female and age brackets.

Reaction poll - age and gender statistics

Fuel the social conversation

With integrated social sharing, users can share your reaction poll with just a click on:

  • Facebook
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  • Messenger
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

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Yes, you can make a slider poll with Riddle’s reaction poll format. Slider polls are ideal for having people quickly give their option from a range of options such as ‘Strongly disagree’ to ‘Strongly agree’, or ‘Dislike’ to ‘Like a lot’.

You can create your reaction poll in under 60 seconds. Seriously. Just add an image, type a question, and you’re done.

Very. Data shows that up to 25% of all your page visitors will spot a reaction poll - with its gently pulsing ‘vote’ button - and vote. That’s 6-9X better than most other interactive poll options.