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Quizzes are the most shared content online (according to Adweek). But sharing is just the start. Now, you can quickly create your own automated quiz marketing funnel – using a quiz maker and most email automation tools.

Evolve past ‘once size fits all’ messaging – leverage the power of quizzes to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

(We’re big fans of Ryan Levesque’s ‘Ask Method’ – using a quiz creator to grow your sales through an automatic yet highly personalized sales funnel.)

Let’s face it. We live surrounded by ads – yet most ads basically, well, suck. They target the wrong people with the wrong message at the wrong time.

automated quiz marketing funnel

Even using Facebook – with its billions of data points around user interests and tastes – falls completely short.

Using quizzes turns this process around.

Instead of guessing what people need, you use quizzes to get potential customers to tell you what they really want.

  • Pre-qualify every user who takes your quiz as a lead based on how they answer
  • Ask certain questions to find out key buying signals
  • Put each lead into special buckets and receive custom messages

automated quiz marketing funnel

Quiz marketing funnel: What do you need?

  1. A highly customizable quiz maker (we’re a wee bit biased of course!)
  2. A solid email automation tool like AWeber or MailChimp – which allows for triggers and email chains based on set conditions.

I’ll show you how the whole process below:

  • Quiz creation
  • Adding a lead form to collect each user’s email address
  • Tagging each lead based on their responses
  • Sending out auto-messages specific to each user
  • Using each user’s results to send each to a personalized landing page
  • Set up custom audiences in Facebook for follow up marketing

Note – I’ll be using AWeber in my demonstration example using Riddle’s quiz builder below . You should be able to do the same with any decent email tool out there.
quiz marketing funnel

Quiz marketing funnel: Define your campaign goal

Let’s assume we sell two types of delicious snacks (you can tell I was hungry when writing this) – ‘Positively Paleo’ and ‘Very Vegan’ snack bars.

Vegans and paleo diet folks are a classic example of two entirely separate audiences; each tends to be firm believers in their diets.

quiz marketing funnel

Now it makes no sense to advertise the Paleo Bar made with eggs and dairy to a vegan.

Wouldn’t it be powerful to know in advance – which bars to promote to each lead?

We’ll do this through a personality test called “Vegan or paleo – what’s your ideal diet?”.

Our goals will be to:

  1. segment the audience into two groups
  2. collect names and emails.

Next, we will add a few Facebook pixels so that we can follow up with a targeted advertising campaign on Facebook.

Quiz marketing funnel: Build your quiz

  • First, create the two result types: ‘vegan’ and ‘paleo’.
  • Ask between 5-6 questions to learn the user’s feelings about different types of food.
    • With only two result types, you do not need a lot of questions to give the user the right result.
  • PRO TIP: Make sure to add at least one very obvious question to filter out people who would not touch any kind of meat – then give them a very high association for vegan if they say “no”.
  • Add a lead generation form to your quiz to collect names and emails.
    • If you are using Riddle – we recommend you use our native AWeber integration.
    • Already have a mailing list on AWeber? Connect it to your quiz now – otherwise just publish your quiz so you can follow these next steps.

quiz marketing funnel

Quiz marketing funnel: Set up a mailing list

I suggest you try out AWeber for this example. Even if you are using another provider, give AWeber a try. It’s free for 30 days and they offer the easiest set of features needed to set up a great segmented quiz marketing funnel.

(However, Riddle’s quiz sales funnel works with ActiveCampaign, Lead Pages, ConvertKit or any other system using our built in lead forms. Here are our blog posts about connecting via Zapier or webhook.)

quiz marketing funnel

Right, back to our AWeber example:

  1. Create a list for your campaign – make sure it captures at least the name and email of your users.
  2. Select the ‘Messages’ menu drop down and click on “Campaigns” – to set up automated email flows based on certain triggers.
  3. You will need to create 2 different campaigns (Paleo and Vegan), one for each result type of your quiz.

The setup you want is:

  • Click ‘Start Campaign based on Tag Applied’
  • Enter the tag “paleo”
  • Next, select “Send Message” – to automatically message each group with the right content. “Vegan” campaign users will get offers for vegan food bars, while the “paleo” folks will get special offers for paleo bars.

Check out these screenshots that illustrate each step:

quiz marketing funnel

  • After creating a new campaign, select “Tag Applied” as the trigger to start a campaign.

quiz marketing funnel

  • Enter “paleo” into the text box on the right.

quiz marketing funnel

  • Select “Send a Message” and draft your own compelling sales message for your paleo products.
  • Rinse and repeat… that was easy, right? Now just follow the same steps and create a second campaign for your vegan products, using “vegan” as a tag.

Quiz marketing funnel: Connect your AWeber Campaign

  • Use our nifty native AWeber integration option on Riddle – log-in to pull your current mailing lists from AWeber and offer them to you in a drop down.
  • Select the appropriate list and scroll down to apply tags to the results.
  • Add the tag “paleo” to the result “Paleo” and “vegan” to the result “Vegan”.
  • You can also add a general tag to all leads to identify the lead source. In my example below, I applied the tag “quiz” to all leads.

quiz marketing funnel

Quiz marketing funnel: Mandatory or optional sign up forms?

Please note that I selected “Allow users to skip form”.

quiz marketing funnel

It’s a trade-off – you will get more sign ups if you force people to fill out the form in order to get to their results, but this will dramatically lower the quality of your leads.

quiz marketing funnel

When readers are forced to enter something when they are not interested in their offer, you will end up with lots of funny emails like and in your email list.

By making the form optional, your mailing list will contain only quality leads and show much higher conversion rates.

And hey – don’t forget the ‘ickiness’ issue.

You’ve inspired potential customers to take your quiz. Holding the user’s results ransom until they fill out the form might not reflect well on your brand.

Quiz marketing funnel: Publish your quiz

Okay – so you’re almost ready to rock!

  • Click ‘publish’ on Riddle and grab the standard embed code.
  • Paste that code into your site where you want the quiz to appear.
  • Have a WordPress site? You can install our free Riddle WordPress plugin – then paste the short code for your quiz.

quiz marketing funnel

Quiz marketing funnel: the power of Facebook pixels

Okay – so you’ve created a quiz and automated quiz sales funnel. Well done!

But we’re going to show how Facebook and in-quiz lead generation are a powerful combination – using Riddle’s custom result landing pages feature.

In this scenario, you can:

  1. Tag all people who filled out the lead form with the action “lead”.
  2. Use Riddle’s custom result landing page feature to build a custom result landing page for paleo and vegan results – each with their own URL.
  3. Send each lead to the right page and add a Facebook view tag to these.

quiz marketing funnel

Once you have this set up:

  • Go to your Facebook ad manager.
  • Create 2 separate ads – one around vegan preference, the other around paleo.
  • Target people with the result “vegan” with a different ad than people with the result “paleo”.
  • You’ll see a large increase in ad conversions (saving you money) – showing the right ad to the right audience.

You can also use the lead tag to run an ad emphasizing offers from your newsletter. You can combine this tag with the result tag and further narrow down your audience on Facebook in order to only show your ads to people who signed up for your newsletter.

The technology behind these techniques changes constantly – we recommend checking out  the Riddle blog for updated instructions on how to set up pixels and custom result landing pages.

The methodology will stay the same but we’ll constantly be making the user interface simpler and easier to use.

Here are those blog posts again:

TL;DR? (Too long, didn’t read?)

Just drop us a note at with your questions about quiz marketing funnels – ask us anything.

Our team of quiz experts are all customer service geeks… we have ongoing competition for beers based on who responds first. (Psst – I’m crushing it this week.)

quiz marketing funnel

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