Online polls are a brilliant way to engage and connect with your audience. But we know you’ll want control in how you display (or hide) your poll’s vote totals.

Choose your online poll format

We love giving you options – so Riddle’s quiz maker features four types of online poll formats. Click to view live examples of each.

  • Opinion poll – single question, single choice. You can embed any video/GIF/image content
  • Multi-poll – unlimited questions, single/multiple choice – includes ‘rank your choices’ option.
  • Reaction poll – single question with a slider, get 25% engagement from page visitors
  • Upvote list – big on visual impact, your community upvotes their favorites. The list auto-reshuffles based on votes.

Quick to create, you can have a poll up and embedded on your site in less than 60 seconds.

How to display vote votals

Simple in concept, it does highlight a tricky issue about early voters.

Imagine you created a poll called Who’s the your must-see diva?.

After each user votes, they see how many people have voted so far.

Being an early voter in an online poll is a bit like coming early to an empty party.

If you’re the 3rd person to vote, the poll doesn’t feel very active – and you’re probably not going to share it with your friends.

Best practice – show % vote totals first

To avoid this, we recommend using our ‘show %’ vote totals option when you launch your poll.

Using percentages, instead of ‘2  people voted for Taylor Swift’, each user would see that 67% of people selected her.

  1. Turn on the ‘hide total number of votes’ option in the ‘More+’ tab of the ‘Customize’ step.
  2. Embed the quiz on your site
  3. Wait a few days
  4. Once you have enough votes to appear like a popular poll, turn it off.
  5. Press ‘publish’ to push those changes live.

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