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Online quiz maker for publishers

Publishers from the BBC, Burda, and CNN turn to Riddle to create 100% white labelled quizzes, personality test, surveys, and more.

Why publishers create quizzes with Riddle.com

Our quiz creator delivers easy to create, custom interactive content to millions of users every day.

With 15 types of interactive content, Riddle offers unrivalled creative options for your content and marketing teams, including:

  • Quizzes
  • Personality tests
  • Product recommendation toold
  • Surveys and polls
  • Contests and lead generation forms
  • Quickly make and embed content that gets your audience clicking, thinking, and sharing.

Quizzes score with visitors

The NFL's Oakland Raiders regularly make an online quiz to engage their passionate fan base, especially during the off-season.

Check out their Super Bowl Knowledge quiz - complete with a customizable quiz timerand using our CSS Editor and uploading their own fonts to seamlessly match their branding:

Make everyone a quiz creator

Join the BBC, the Chicago Bulls, Reuters, and telecom giant Sky UK - and quickly add interactive content to any page or post with Riddle's easy to use quiz maker.

  • Quickly create quizzes to engage and grow your audience.
  • Enjoy complete creative freedom with our online quiz creator (100% white labelled).
  • Seamlessly your quiz to match your site's brand and style.

The BBC are big fans:

"Riddle helps our Children's interactive team to quickly create engaging content that provide compelling data insights about our audience." - Derek Harvie, Executive Producer (CBeebies and CBBC)

Check out their reaction poll at the bottom of the page - with 300,000 responses (and counting!):

Why build when you can buy?

Our quiz maker is easy to use and works with any publishing software.

Your content teams can quickly make an online quiz in minutes - no expensive (and time-consuming) developers or agencies required.

100% your quiz - 100% your brand

We totally get it. As a publisher, your brand is core to your identity.

  • Our online quiz creator is completely white labelled.
  • You can easily customize every part of your quiz, list, or poll.
  • Choose the perfect colors, images, and text to match your portfolio of sites.
  • Give your designers total control to customize your quiz with our CSS Editor and using your own fonts.

The Daily Mirror's audience loves a good personality test

As one of the UK's top 3 newspapers, the Daily Mirror reaches a huge audience. They've had great success with quizzes and personality tests - their audience loves taking them (and sharing their results on social), like this "Which royal family member are you?" quiz:

And they use our CSS editor and custom fonts to seamlessly blend their site's brand and styling.

Build 15 different quiz formats

Give your editorial and sales teams unrivalled creativity with Riddle's quiz creator. Choose from 15 types of quizzes, personality tests, and other interactive content formats:

Test knowledge (trivia quizzes)
  • Quiz - classic quiz with right/wrong questions
  • Quiz generator - automatically show new questions every hour/day/week. Upload your own question spreadsheet, or use Riddle's 132,000 question database.
  • Order it- challenge your audience to arrange answers in the correct order
  • Tap and find - innovative format, where you hide the answer as hotspots in each image
User discovery:
  • Personality test
  • Interactive story (with conditional/branching logic)
Ask your audience:
  • Polls
  • Ranked poll
  • Reaction poll
  • Surveys
  • Ranked list
Easy, rapid content:
  • Social story
  • Listicle
Email/contest marketing campaigns:
  • All our quiz types support lead generation for your marketing funnel.
  • Or, skip the quiz - and create a standalone lead generation/contest entry form

Add images, GIFs, videos, and more

Create a quiz, and use our test maker's built-in image tools to find the perfect picture, animated GIF, social media, or video.

  • Upload your own images or GIFs
  • Google image search
  • Pexels - beautiful stock photography
  • YouTube videos - with start/end points for just the right clip
  • Vimeo videos
  • Upload your own MP4 video clips
  • Upload MP3 audio clips - ask questions around sounds
  • Twitter - embed tweets from anyone's account for hyper-current content
  • Giphy - ready-made animated GIFs

Tate Modern gets their kids clicking

The Tate is one of the world's most famous art museums.

They get creative with Riddle's test maker to educate and inspire their younger audience - like this "Sensational Surrealism Quiz" around their Picasso exhibition:

Fully responsive and easy to embed

Make an online quiz then embed it just like a YouTube video or other iFrame.

Just copy/paste our fully responsive embed codes in your CMS or site editor - or use our free Wordpress or Drupal quiz maker plug-ins.

When your teams make a quiz with our online quiz creator, all their content is fully responsive - and automatically adjusts for easy viewing.

Every quiz, personality test, and poll will look great - on every device from smartphone to desktop.

Reach turns to quizzes to drive engagement and revenue

Reach has a sprawling media empire covering 110 news sites. Their content teams use Riddle to quickly create interactive content for news stories of the day.

Check out the Manchester Evening News made their "Can you guess all the Strictly Come Dancing celebs!" quiz to generate social buzz and comments on their site - around the UK's #1 TV show "Strictly Come Dancing":

Quizzes are the most shared content online (Adweek)

Get your audience clicking and sharing with our easy to use quiz maker. All viral traffic comes directly to your site - boosting your traffic.

Our online quiz creator can help you increase all sorts of metrics:

  • Increase time on site: our quizzes average three minutes for each 8-10 question quiz, boosting average time on site and your SEO.
  • Boost ad revenue: add your own video or banner ads in-quiz, or refresh your page's ads with each question - for 8-10X the advertising inventory.

Your quizzes - your branding

Want to hide all Riddle branding?

Choose our complete white labelled Pro or Team quiz creator plans.

Make a quiz with complete branding freedom with our test maker.

Add your own logo, branding, and ads (or your advertisers').

100% white labelled quiz by Upworthy

Fast-growing Upworthy has become synonymous with feel good and inspiring stories.

See how they used our test maker's extensive customization and branding options with their "What motivates you to be sweet and kind?" quiz:

Multi-user account and teams

Perfect for larger companies, our quiz creator's team function lets you easily collaborate with your colleagues. Endlessly scalable for any number of creators.

Featuring a flexible team feature, assign access roles (admin, editor, author) so each member can create a quiz or edit the rest of the team's content.

Save time with team quiz style templates - help your quiz creator stay brand consistent.

Save and apply your sites' unique sets of colors, fonts, CSS, and more with just a click.

Stuff magazine use teams to create their daily quizzes

Stuff make daily trivia quizzes (like this one) to draw repeat visitors to their site.

Brilliant concept - but it's takes a team effort to make an online quiz everyday that challenges and amuses.

Riddle's Team plan let Stuff invite freelance quiz creators or staff across the organization to collaborate on each quiz.

Stuff's team style template is automatically applied by our test maker - so no need to worry about matching hex colors or uploading fonts.

Try your luck with their quiz below:

Collect emails and connect to your marketing software

Riddle's quiz creator makes it simple for your teams to gather emails and sign ups in any quiz.

Our test maker connects to over 1,400 marketing software tools, from SalesForce to Marketo - with no coding required.

  • Power your marketing funnel with quizzes.
  • Add your own email capture form to collect leads online in any of our 14 quiz types.
  • Automatically send all user info to AWeber, MailChimp, or any marketing software.
  • Segment sign ups by their quiz responses - then send personalized follow up messages and offers.

Sports publisher Minute Media's content - powered by Riddle:

"Our teams love Riddle's flexibility. We can rapidly create and deploy unique branded quizzes and other content for our clients' custom campaigns." - Lior Geller, Director of Product

Display targeted content or special offers

Our quiz creator makes it easy to continue the conversation.

Use our call to action buttons or custom result landing pages after each quiz to direct users to different URLs - based on their quiz results.

  • Automatically send each user to a specific page on your site with Riddle's custom result landing pages.
  • Add personalized call to action buttons to each user's quiz results.
  • Increase sales or time on site with contextual special offers or content suggestions.

Immediate Media love quizzes

Publishing giant Immediate Media has incorporated Riddle's quiz maker deeply into their content strategy, across their portfolio.

Featuring many of the UK's most popular magazines, Immediate drives increased sales with call to action buttons - like this "Which gin should you drink tonight?" quiz in Olive Magazine:

Optimize your quizzes with real-time analytics

Riddle's test maker features a detailed statistics dashboard. Make a quiz, then see what's working - and what you can improve.

Improve each quiz on the fly to improve completion rates, call to action results, and viral sharing.

Have a question about quiz making for publishers?

Ask away - we love helping publishers see the use case for embracing quizzes and interactive content.

Our entire team are avid customer service geeks - we literally race to answer any publisher inquiry about our quiz maker, often in two minutes or less.

So don't be shy.

From quiz making to collecting leads online, give us a shout on via our support chat or through email (hello@riddle.com). We look forward to speaking with you!

Quizzes are awesome at catching visitors’ attention, turning casual browsers into engaged participants. A good quiz will feature 6-10 questions - that means each visitor will spend 3.5 minutes on your quiz. All that time means publishers get a higher average time on site - which boosts their SEO with Google.

And publishers love how quiz takers can share their quiz results on Facebook, Twitter, and other networks - helping content go viral.

Finally, quizzes help publishers monetize all that traffic - they can add their own banner or video ads, or add lead generation forms to collect emails and other info from up to 45% of quiz takers.

Riddle’s online quiz maker is used by hundreds of top global publishers and brands including the BBC, CNN, Shopify, Penguin Random House, and Upworthy. Check out these 23 live quiz examples on top publisher sites.

Publishers use interactive content such as online polls and surveys to collect audience feedback. Easy to create (less than two minutes per poll), publishers like the BBC embed polls or multi-polls across their sites for online voting (e.g. “Which was your favorite?”) or audience feedback (“Did you like this article?”).

All of this quiz, poll, and survey data can be sent to their favorite marketing or data tools for further analysis.

Riddle has a simple ‘unlimited’ pricing model for publishers - all our quiz maker plans are unlimited. That means you won’t have any limits or caps on how many quizzes you create, how many people take them, or how many emails and data you collect.

The only caveat - all of Riddle’s plans include a 'fair use' clause of 10 million views a month. That's enough for the vast majority of our customers - and supports our low-cost pricing model.

We're flexible - and know that sometimes publishers can have a quiz go unexpectedly viral, so the first month of excess traffic is no problem. After that, we’d charge you $125 a month for each additional 10M views to cover our server costs.

Most publishers use our multiple user Team plan which includes 10 free users - each additional user is $19 per month.

We're big fans of keeping things nice and simple - no setup costs, and you can choose between annual or month-to-month contracts.