What is a personality test?

Personality tests are all about discovery - a series of questions that let your audience learn something new about themselves.

They're different from a pop quiz in that they don't have a right or wrong answer. Instead, each user get an overall result based on how they responded.

Why use a Riddle personality test for my site?

  • Grow your audience - personality tests and quizzes are the most viral shared content.
  • Engage your visitors - on average, visitors who take a personality test stay 41% longer on your site.
  • Gather more leads - personality tests that include a lead generation form are a powerful combination that lets you qualify each user based on their test results.

Publishing giant Penguin/Random House love to use personality tests to get fans of their books talking (and sharing):

How can I make a personality test?

We've made it super easy with Riddle's quiz builder. You don't need to be a coding whiz - and you can publish your first personality test on your site in just minutes.

Are you a Wordpress user? Our Wordpress plug-in lets you create, edit, and publish quizzes to any page or post.

Personality Test in action

Check out a very short, 3 question sample personality test below.

Images, videos and animated GIFs - oh my!

Grab your users' attention and make each question visually 'pop'. Use Riddle to search and add free images from:

  • Getty Images
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Articles
  • Upload your own photos or animated GIFs

Gather emails with a lead form

  • Display your form between the last question and the user's results - when they're most emotionally engaged
  • Collect their email, name, and any other data
  • Quickly make a form on Riddle - or insert your own from MailChimp or AWeber - read more on how to use our AWeber integration on our blog.
  • Copy/paste forms from any marketing tool using our In-Quiz iFrame

Ask your audience - qualify your leads

  • Send leads and responses to your marketing software tool
  • One-click integration to your accounts with MailChimp or AWeber. Read more on how to use AWeber tags for marketing automation
  • We support any CRM - seamlessly send all leads to Marketo, SalesForce, ConstantContact, MailChimp and all other providers through our Zapier or webhook options.
  • Segment each lead according to their answers (such as designating any person who answers 'A' for question #8 as a good lead)
  • Send out personalized follow up messages through your marketing software - based on their results

Check out these three best in class examples:

Can I customize a Personality Test?

Absolutely - our goal at Riddle is to let you seamlessly embed your personality test to your site. You can choose the precise hex colors to match your site and choose from a number of fonts, so your test will appear as a natural part of your site.

If you are subscribe to our Pro or Enterprise plans, you have even more flexibility to tweak the look and feel of our personality tests. With our 100% white label option, you can replace all Riddle branding with your own logo.

Want to have complete creative control? Check out our Enterprise plan. You can match your personality test’s fonts to any available on Google, Adobe TypeKit, or Fonts.com. Change the visual styling of everything from buttons to borders and everything in between with our CSS Style Override.

And hey, we don’t stop there. Here are some of the additional ways you can customize your personality test:

  • Customize Twitter text: Personality tests are incredibly viral. Change the default text for each Tweet to support your marketing campaign - with hashtags and your own messaging. (ex. I got "result A" on "your test". Take it now! #Awesome)
  • Hide start page: Sometimes you just want your users to dive right in and start answering your questions. We give you the option to hide the intro page - and the embed will display question #1… ideal for instant engagement.
  • Custom footer: Add your own terms and conditions or a persistent call to action below your personality test. Great for sharing the rules for contests or keeping your legal folks happy.
  • Hide the Play Again Button: At the end of each personality test, we display a play again button. While great for keeping your readers on your site longer (an important SEO metric), we realize that this button is not suited for all personality tests and thus we give you an option to remove it.
  • Change the text on the Play Again Button: If ‘Play Again’ doesn’t suit your site’s tone of voice, you can customize the text to your needs.
  • Present the test in your language: Riddle supports over 30 languages - from Swedish to Chinese. We’ve translated all of the standard elements of the personality test like the text on buttons. If your language is missing, just let us know.

Why are personality tests so effective?

Personality tests are viral and engaging for one reason. People love to discover something new about themselves - then share that with their friends. The geeky term for this cycle of discovery and sharing is narrative psychology - we love to find out "Who am I? Who do others think I am? And who do I want to be?"

The subject doesn't matter - the process of guided discovery is irresistible. We've seen personality tests work for topics ranging from the serious "Should I become a coder?" to the lighthearted "Which cat is your feline soulmate?".

The bonus? Engaging your audience and attracting their friends is just the beginning.

If you're looking to collect more leads for your business, gathering emails via personality tests is a natural combination.

After all, each person naturally will give genuine responses as they take your quiz - so they can learn what the test means to them.

This gives you unique marketing insights to see if each person might be a potential customer for your business.

As an example, imagine you run an adventure travel company. You build a quiz with a lead generation form called "What your travelling style?" that includes two questions:

  • How many times do you travel each year?
  • Would you rather stay in a luxury hotel or camp in a tent?

Using Riddle, every person who answers "3 times or more" and "camp in a tent" could be segmented as a good lead.

You could then set things up so they automatically get your follow up marketing messages, centered around their responses. For those adventure travel types, you could include a list of your upcoming expeditions, as well as an offer for a free one hour vacation consultation to help them decide on their next challenge.

Best of all? Starting through a fun quiz, the entire process seems natural and 'non-spammy' - so you have a better chance of adding them as a happy customer.