What is a personality test?

The most viral of our test maker's quizzes, personality tests are all about discovery - a series of questions that let your audience learn something new about themselves.

Instead of choosing to make a quiz with right or wrong answers, a personality test gives each user an overall result based on how they responded. (Ex. In a "What's your management style?" personality test, your users would answer eight questions - and then have their matching leadership style revealed.)

Ideal for too many use cases to list, including:

  • Product recommendations ("Which car should I buy?")
  • Consultants, life coaches, therapists ("How stressed are you?")
  • Audience engagement ("What movie character are you?")

Why create a Riddle personality test for my site?

  • Grow your audience - personality tests and quizzes are our quiz creator's most shared content.
  • Engage your visitors - on average, visitors who take a personality test stay 41% longer on your site.
  • Gather more leads online - personality tests with a lead generation form are a powerful combination to qualify each user based on their test results.

See below how the global restaurant chain Nando's used their What kind of Nandoca are you?" personality test to get more job applicants for their team:

How can I make a personality test?

We've made creating a personality test super easy with Riddle's quiz maker. You don't need to be a programmer - there's no coding needed. You can go from quiz making to publish your first personality test on your site in just minutes.

Simply type in your questions and answer - then use Riddle to search and embed the perfect images, YouTube videos, animated GIFs and more.

Press 'publish' - then just copy and paste our embed code into any post or page within your site.

Our online quiz creator is fully responsive - your test will automatically resize to look great on any size screen from smartphone to desktop.

Are you a Wordpress user? Our test maker's Wordpress plug-in lets you create, edit, and publish quizzes to your posts or pages.

See a personality Test in action

Check out how the 'feel good' viral publishing wizards at Upworthy engaged their Facebook audience with their "What motivates you to be sweet and kind?" personality test:

Images, videos and animated GIFs - oh my!

Pictures and rich media can dramatically improve your personality test's effectiveness. Riddle's quiz maker lets you easily find and use the perfect image from within our platform:

  • Google
  • Giphy
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Pexel images
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Upload your own photos or animated GIFs

Collect emails and personality test responses with a lead form

Ask your audience - qualify your leads

Live personality test example

Take a look how Choice Hotels used our quiz maker to extensively customize their "What kind of travel boss are you?" personality test. From uploading their font to tweaking the CSS, this personality test fits perfectly with their branding:

Can I customize a Personality Test?

Absolutely - you can use our online quiz creator to seamlessly embed your personality test to your site. From colors to fonts to styles, choose the look and feel of your personality test to suit your brand.

Your personality test can be completely white labelled with our Pro or Team plans. Hide all Riddle branding, and add your own logo (or your clients').

All our test maker plans feature over 50+ customization features, including:

  • Boost start rates by hiding the start/title page - and display question 1 to every visitor.
  • Customize button text strings: Change everything from the 'Play again' button text to all the strings in the lead generation form - match your site's tone of voice.
  • Social share: Modify the share messages for each social network users will send after each quiz. Use different messages and hashtags for Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Gate off answers: Using a lead form? A good way to boost conversions is to delay showing correct answers only after the user completes your lead form.

Want complete creative control?

The BBC love personality tests

The British Broadcasting Corporation regularly turns to Riddle's quiz maker to engage and inspire their audience. Take their "What's your Game of Thrones sport?" personality test - and see how it blends perfectly with their site:

Why are personality tests so effective?

Personality tests are the most viral and engaging option with our online quiz creator.

Why? People love to discover something new about themselves - then share that with their friends. The geeky term for this cycle of discovery and sharing is narrative psychology - we love to find out "Who am I? Who do others think I am? And who do I want to be?"

When making a quiz, the subject doesn't really matter - the process of guided discovery is irresistible. We've seen personality tests work for topics ranging from the serious "Should I become a coder?" to the lighthearted "Which cat is your feline soulmate?".

The bonus? Engaging your audience and attracting their friends is just the beginning.

If you're looking to collect more leads online for your business, gathering emails via personality tests is a natural combination.

After all, each person naturally will give genuine responses as they take your quiz - so they can learn what the test means to them.

This gives you unique marketing insights to see if each person might be a potential customer for your business.

Imagine you run an adventure travel company. You make a quiz with a lead generation form called "What your travelling style?" that includes two questions:

  • How many times do you travel each year?
  • Would you rather stay in a luxury hotel or camp in a tent?
  • Every person who answers "3 times or more" and "camp in a tent" could be segmented as a good lead.

You can then use Riddle's quiz maker to power your marketing funnel - setting up automatic follow up marketing messages, centered around each person's responses.

For those adventure travel types, you could include a list of your upcoming expeditions, as well as an offer for a free one hour vacation consultation to help them decide on their next challenge.

Best of all? Starting with a fun quiz, the entire process seems natural and 'non-spammy' - so you have a better chance of adding them as a happy customer.

Got a question about personality tests?

Ask away - we're super fast to help out with any questions about our quiz creator.

We mean it; our entire team at Riddle, from our CEO Boris down, will race each other to answer your message first. Contact us through support chat or email at hello@riddle.com. Look forward to chatting with you!