Branching logic, unleashed.

Online quizzes are great for engagement - but typically present the same set of questions to every user.

Until now.

Meet the 'journey' - Riddle's quiz maker now features built-in branching logic.

Give every quiz taker a unique experience. Show them new questions - based on their own responses.

Journey branching logic online quiz

Where quiz meets 'Choose your own adventure'

Our journey quiz was inspired by those classic "Choose your own adventure" books back when we were kids.

Every page, you'd get a choice - such as "You see a scary-looking house in the distance. Do you:"

  • Open the door (go to page 29)
  • Run home (go to page 77)

Now with the journey, you can create replicate this in a quiz format.

Each user is different. Their quiz should be too.

The journey is enormously flexible. Forget the standard 3-5 result types in a quiz.

Instead, think about 20, 30, or more.

If you ask a five question quiz, with each question having a further five answer options - that gives you a whopping 25 possible results.

The benefit? Each quiz taker will get their own hyper-specific outcome, based on their particular responses.

Journey branching logic overview

Perfect for assessment and product recommendations

Journey are powerful online marketing and assessment tools.

For example, BBC News created this 'Mental health: Can you tell if someone is struggling?' journey - it helps friends and coworkers spot warning signs when someone they know is suffering from anxiety or depression.

Brilliant for engagement

Journey quizzes are brilliant for engaging your audience. No matter if you're a sports team, a novelist, or an insurance company, journeys let each quiz taker control their experience:

  • "Can you make it as a pro football manager?"
  • "Would you be a good wizard?"
  • "How safe of a driver are you?"
  • "Are you really depressed?"

Minute Media launches movies with journey quizzes

Sports publisher Minute Media are fans of journeys. They center campaigns for movie launches around a themed quiz - placing the quiz taker in control of the story, and building up interest in the film's storyline.

With built-in video ad slots and custom CSS editing, each journey can be a 100% fully-branded thematic experience.

Check out their journey quiz for the animated hit film Alita:

Collect leads with each journey

The other major advantage of a journey quiz?

Hyper-segment each user through all these branches.

Every quiz taker will get a highly specific outcome based around their own responses.

Increase sales by guiding visitors to the products that best match their needs, especially with our 'call to action' buttons and 'custom result landing pages'.

Add a lead form - then sync all this quiz data to Hubspot, Constant Contact, or 1400 other marketing tools.

Power your marketing funnel with Riddle's quiz taker. Use our lead generation technology to easily automatically send out personalized messages for each user.

Journey =⟩ Lead form =⟩ Marketing funnel =⟩ More sales

Journey quiz: live example

With 15 types of quiz and poll formats, customers often ask us on support chat 'Which should I create?'.

We created our own journey quiz to help. It asks a few basic questions such as:

  • Do your questions have right/wrong answers?
  • How important is collecting leads to you?
  • Do you want to give your audience a vote?

Creating your journey quiz - video walkthrough

Our co-founder Mike gives a quick video chat about how and why you can use a journey quiz:

Intrigued about the journey quiz?

Ask away - we're always happy to help out with all things quiz-related.

You can send us an email ( or drop us a line on our support chat.

We bet you'll be impressed by how fast we respond - everyone on our team races to answer questions, from our CEO Boris on down.

And our average response time? 67 seconds - how's that for fast?

Yes, Riddle features flexible skip or branching logic with our ‘Journey’ online quiz format. Ask questions, then direct each quiz taker to different follow-up questions based on how they answer.

Check out how the BBC used the journey to power their mental health assessment tool - with conditional logic quizzes around spotting anxiety and depression.

Using conditional or branching logic is a powerful way of making your quiz unique to each quiz taker. The journey is especially good for things like product recommendations (“Which car should I buy?”) or detailed analyses (“Are you really depressed?”).

You start with broad questions (“How large is your family?”) - and then ask each user ever-more detailed questions (“Do you have a dog? Do you prefer electric or gas-powered cars?”), to help them arrive at the right recommendation for their needs.

Read our guide to getting started with a branching logic quiz - full of examples and best practices.

Absolutely - Riddle’s online quiz maker features nine types of media options. Search and find the perfect video, picture, GIF, or audio clip - using Google, YouTube, Giphy, and more. Or upload your own images or MP3/MP4/GIF files.