How to create an auto-quiz?

We’re pretty excited to introduce a completely new type of quiz format to Riddle – the auto-quiz.

With traditional quizzes – you create around one static set of questions, publish, and then move on creating the next one.

Our auto-quiz is different. 

What’s an auto-quiz?

It’s designed to be ‘evergreen’ content – displaying a new set of questions to your site visitors every hour, day, week, month, or year. 

Create an auto-quiz to boost your audience engagement, time on site (great for getting more SEO love from Google), and keep your visitors coming back for more. 

  • You can upload up to 10,000 questions via CSV or copy/paste into our tool – with your own category, sub-category, and difficulty level.
  • For example, you could give your question “How many wives did Henry VIII have?”: 
    • Category: History
    • Sub-category: European history
    • Difficulty: 5 / 10

Video walkthrough

Setting up your auto-quiz

Creating your auto-quiz is pretty similar to our other quiz types – including a title screen/description, results, and the like.

The main difference is how you add questions.

You can either:

  • Choose an assortment of questions from our pre-loaded questions of up to 10,000 questions for selected languages (Basic and Pro plans).
  • Create your question bank – with your questions, categories, and difficulty levels (Team plan only).

The process is the same:

  1. Create a new ‘Auto-quiz’
  2. In the ‘create’ step, click on the ‘Question bank’ tile
  3. Select your question bank (the list of questions for your quiz)
  4. Choose which categories (or subcategories) of questions you’d like to include in this quiz
  5. Adjust the range of difficulty for each category (from 1-easy to 10-hard)

Creating your own question bank

When selecting your question bank, click on ‘create your own’.

You can add questions in three ways:

  1. Manually typing questions and answers
  2. Copy/paste from Excel 
  3. Import your questions as a CSV or Excel/XLS file

IMP’T: For #2 and #3 – your content must match the same column order as our sheet.

Please download our sample CSV here. You can use this to build your own question bank upload file.

[Updated: July 8, 2020 – just a note. Be cautious when importing questions as a CSV file and using semicolons in your question or answer text. By definition, CSVs are broken up by ; and , – so using semicolons will cause your question/answers to show up as different entries.]

  • Our text: “Amsterdam; The Hague is the seat of government…”
  • What happens: “The Hague is the seat of government…” is moved to the next column (Category) and shows up as its own category.

Question fields

  • Category – you can also add a subcategory with the ‘:’ (ex. Sports:Soccer)
  • Difficulty – must be a number from 1-10 (easy to hard)
  • Question text
  • Correct answer explanation (optional) – you can leave this blank
  • Correct answer
  • Wrong answer(s) – you need at least one wrong answer

Adding images

Our auto-quiz currently supports text-only questions. We thought auto-quizzes would have loads of questions – and adding individual images would be very time-consuming.

But, if you’d like to have us add image support, please let us know via support chat – we’d love to hear that feedback.

Editing a question bank

You can also easily create/manage/edit question banks in the menu in top right corner.

Show new questions – change refresh options

You can also change how often your auto-quiz will display new questions to your quiz takers.

  • Edit your auto-quiz
  • Go to the ‘Customize’ step > ‘Auto-quiz options’
  • Select the time interval – hour/day/week/month/year
auto-quiz interval for new questions

Show new questions manually

Sometimes, you might want to refresh which questions are displayed – before the next scheduled set of questions appears.

One common use case – imagine you add new questions or edit existing ones.

  • Go to the ‘Publicize’ step > ‘Extras’
  • Click on ‘Reset questions’

Can we help?

And of course, if you need any further assistance with your auto-quiz, feel free to contact us on support chat or at

We’re super excited about launching our auto-quiz – and we’re always happy to help!