Auto-quiz: show new questions to each quiz taker

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Introducing our new quiz format – the Auto-Quiz, an always new, always fresh quiz experience for your audience. Powered by a spreadsheet of questions – you can easily upload and customize the right mix of questions for different audiences. One spreadsheet = unlimited quizzes.

Completely unique to Riddle’s quiz maker, the auto-quiz is very different from ‘traditional’ online quizzes.

auto-quiz - scoring and categories

Forget showing the same set of questions to every user.

Nope – our auto-quiz lets you randomly display a new set of questions to each quiz taker, from a question bank of 10-10,000 questions.

Most importantly, you can upload your questions directly from any spreadsheet – for an easy to create, powerfully flexible bank of questions.

(At Riddle, we’re big believers in giving you a wide variety of content choices. Our quiz maker now features 15 distinct interactive formats – from the auto-quiz to personality tests and polls, plus surveys, listicles, and more.)

Why add an auto-quiz to your site?

Each auto-quiz will be an ‘evergreen’ piece of content. Now, instead of your editorial teams having to create a series of quizzes to engage your audience – the auto-quiz is a ‘one and done’ project.

  1. Simply create an auto-quiz.
  2. Add questions – either from our public set of 10,000 or uploading your own.
  3. Select how many questions (and from which categories) to show each time.
  4. Set the refresh time – choose how often your quiz displays a new set of questions (every hour/day/week/month).

Auto-quiz: live example

Check out this live auto-quiz, built in two minutes using our question bank of 10,000 questions across 26 subjects.

There you have it – your quiz will be a living, breathing interactive experience on your site.

The benefits?

  • Encourage repeat visitors – people simply love taking quizzes. Give your audience a reason to keep coming back – highlight that the quiz will show new questions at regular intervals.
  • Boost time on site – quizzes are powerful tools for increasing your ‘average time on site’. Quizzes average 3-5 minutes per visitor – from 50-150% better than the internet average of 120 seconds.
    • Improving this key metric enhances your SEO with Google – so you’ll get more free traffic.
  • Free up your content teams – instead of constant quiz creation, create one ‘always fresh’ quiz to engage your visitors.
  • Run contests – an auto-quiz is a great opportunity for giveaways.

Auto-quiz – video walkthrough

Watch our co-founder Mike as he gives a short overview of how and why you should use an auto-quiz on your site:

Creating an auto-quiz:

Let’s take a deeper look at how to make your own auto-quiz with our quiz creator.

(Want more details? Check our detailed step by step guide in our knowledge base.)

Step 1: Choose your questions

Making an auto-quiz is very similar to our other quiz formats – the main difference lies in how you add/select which questions to show.

We give you two options:

  • Use our public question bank of over 10,000 general knowledge questions (featuring a range of categories and included in all plans)
  • Upload your own (Pro and Team plans only) – you can easily add your own questions.
    • Copy/paste from Excel or any spreadsheet program.
    • Manually enter each question directly.
    • Or upload your own CSV file of questions.

Making your auto-quiz:

  1. In Riddle’s quiz creator, select ‘auto-quiz’, then tap on the ‘Question Bank’ under the ‘create’.
  2. Pick your question bank – either Riddle’s public one or one of your own.
  3. Select the subcategories and categories of questions you’d like to include for this auto-quiz.
  4. Customize the difficulty (from 1-10, simple to super hard) and the number of questions from each category/subcategory to show each quiz taker.

World-class, geeky customer support

At Riddle, we’re unabashed quiz and customer service geeks. Instead of outsourcing, our entire team – from our CEO to engineers – take pride in helping our partners.

So put us to the test – if you have any questions about our auto-quiz, ask on support chat or at

If we’re awake (7am to 10pm UK time), we try to answer every message in under two minutes flat. Boom!

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