Want to know what question types you can use with Riddle’s online quiz maker?

We support 15 types of quizzes, polls, and other interactive formats.

15 types of quizzes – lots of quiz question formats

And all these online quiz formats mean you can choose from a wide range of quiz question formats – including single/multiple-choice, free text, sliders, and more.

(And that’s just in the quiz itself. Our flexible lead generation form builder supports 16 types of fields – including dropdowns, radio buttons, date picker, and more.)

Why use different quiz question types?

When you create an online quiz or, variety is super important.

First, it keeps things interesting for your audience – they’ll stay engaged, and will be far more likely to complete your quiz (and fill in your lead generation form).

Vary your quiz question types

The other key benefit? More quiz question types mean more creative freedom for your quiz creators.

Think of quiz question types as tools in your quiz toolbox. If you could only use multiple-choice questions, that would vastly reduce the range of quiz experiences you create.

Compare that with being able to mix it up, being able to ask:

  • Several multiple-choice questions
  • Followed by a free text question
  • And then a drag and drop one.

See how much more interesting that is?

Video: What quiz question types are on Riddle?

Our co-founder Mike whipped up this video walkthrough, so you can see all of our quiz question types in action here:

What quiz question types can I use?

Right, let’s dive into the range of quiz question formats you can use with Riddle’s online quiz maker.

We’ve included links to the different types of quizzes as well, so you can see if they might match your particular quiz marketing use case.


One of our most popular quiz formats – in our online quiz, you ask a series of questions right/wrong answers.

quiz question types - free text example
Free text entry question

We support these quiz question types:

  • Single choice (one right answer)
  • True/false
  • Multiple choice (more than one correct answer)
quiz question types - quiz example
Single or multiple correct answers

Personality test

The most viral type of quiz, our online personality test gives each user an overall result based on their quiz responses (e.g. “You’re Harry Potter!”)

  • Single choice
  • Multiple choices (coming soon with Riddle 2 in 2022)

Tap and find

quiz question types - tap and find example

Order it

  • Drag/drop questions challenge users to put items in the right order
  • Ex. “Rank these countries by population – smaller to largest” or “Who scored the most goals?”

Online polls

We support a wide range of online polls and surveys – including our multi-poll, our reaction poll, and the always popular upvote list.

quiz question types - reaction poll example

This gives you lots of options for quiz question types:

  • Single choice
  • Multiple choice
  • Pick your favorite X out of Y options (“What are your 3 favorite Star Wars movies?”)
  • Rank your choice (“Rank your vacation getaways – from best to worst”)
  • Slider – (“What do you think?” Choices: from strongly disagree to strongly agree)
  • Upvote – (Pick your X favorite songs. Polls re-orders to show the most popular choices)


The classic way to gather user feedback – our surveys are flexible tools to collect insights about each user.

  • Single choice
  • Multiple choice
  • Free text entry (“Tell us what could we do better?”)
quiz question types - survey example

Quiz question types – best practices

  • Mix it up – don’t use only one type of quiz question.
  • Use free text entry sparingly – 50-60% of your visitors will be on smartphones.
    • Free text entry takes longer to type than multiple choice questions or our other quiz type formats.
    • We recommend no more than 30% of your questions should be free text.
  • Insert a lead form – our lead form builder gives you 16 additional types of questions.
    • You can add a lead form even if you don’t want to collect emails – they’re powerful for longer-form text answers in particular (e.g. “Tell us 3 things that we could do better – and why.”)
  • Add a quiz timeradding a quiz or question timer can add a welcome dose of adrenaline to your online quiz experience.
    • Super customizable, you can set a time limit for the quiz (“60 seconds to answer 10 questions”) or per question (“10 seconds per question”).

As quiz geeks, we liked this guide to crafting effective quiz questions – it’s a bit academic, but the principles apply to quiz marketing as well.

Any questions about (well) quiz questions? Just ask us!

We know the wide range of quiz question types Riddle offers can seem a bit overwhelming.

If you have a specific use case and want to know which one to use, please use our customer support chat either here or inside Riddle’s online quiz maker.

Our team all drop everything to help people with questions – our average response time is about two minutes or less.

Not bad, right?


Video transcript

(Our team likes to add video transcripts for any walkthrough or help videos we use. They’re helpful for anybody who might be using screenreaders or other tools – and fits in with our ethos of being an accessible online quiz creator.)

Hi there – my name’s Mike, and I’m one of the co-founders here at Riddle. In this video, I’m going to talk about what quiz question types you can ask your audience.

Now, let’s start off. We have a huge range of quiz formats. I think we’re up to 15 types of quizzes, polls and surveys, and that gives you a wide range of quiz question types.

So, let’s just dive in. If we’re going to start with our classic quiz, you’ll see here that this is a single or multiple-choice question. In this case, I can have multiple correct answers because I’ve clicked two of these green bars or three, or I can have it just be a single choice option.

You can also ask free text questions, so I’ll set the correct answer might be (I’m just going to type in San Francisco because I can’t think of another good example)… I’ve now saved this as an answer. You can also maybe put in like SanFrancisco or sanFRancisco and put in a range of potential correct answer options.

And we include options so you don’t worry about spaces and don’t worry about capitalization, because that makes it a bit easier for the audience. So that’s with our quiz.

Next up, we’re going to pop over to our personality test. This is another one of our popular formats. Right now, it’s just a single choice. So you’ll see here you have your result types and then you have your questions.

And with each question, a user can make one choice. We’re going to add that the option to create more than one choice in Riddle 2, which is coming very, very shortly. You will have the option to select more than one. OK, that’s our personality test.

I’m not going to go through all of these. But you can also see in by clicking the eyeball in our quiz templates that you can explore some of the other quiz question types in various quiz formats.

In our tap and find quiz, for example, the image itself hides the answers. So people just tap on the the quiz image itself. So it’s really good for like, “Hey, what makes you think this is a fraudulent email?” And you click on the on the header or maybe there’s a misspelling.

Next up? Our ‘order it’ quiz – it’s another really interesting quiz format. And again, I’m just going to copy this template, but it is basically a drag and drop quiz where you put things in order, such as from biggest to smallest or what happened first.

Coming up next? Our polls and surveys. We have a lot of different ways you can ask questions of your audience. Our multi-poll is probably the most flexible. And you’ll see here I’ve asking the same question, but lots of different ways. So here is like, “Hey, what are your top three vacation getaways?”

You’ll see here that you have three choices to make.

So I’m going to pick, you know, maybe here are my three choices. So that’s one type of quiz question or one type of poll question (single or multiple choice).

The other one is more like ‘rank your favorites’, such as “What are your favorite getaways from best to worst?”

Now, as a San Francisco guy, I’m going to say you should really go to San Francisco. Much as I love Marrakesh, it might come in second. So you just rank your choices.

The last one we’ll talk about has to do with our survey option. And you’ll see here in this example that you can have a single choice. You can also, as a free text, answers like, hey, tell us more about, you know, why you think that. And then also you can do multiple choice. So lots of different quiz question options.

Of course, in all of our quiz types, we also support a quiz lead generation builder. And what you can do with that, I’ll go back to our San Francisco example, but it’s in the collect email step.

You have lots of different ways to ask questions so you can use dropdown or you can ask for their date of birth. You can ask for times, dates, and checkboxes… just lots of different ways to ask your audience questions.

OK, that’s Riddle 1.0.

However, we’re very close to releasing our first version of Riddle 2. And you’ll see here what this will do is this will give you a wide variety of question blocks.

So in this case, instead of having 15 types of quizzes, we’re going to consolidate them. So you’ll be able to mix and match and choose what type of quiz questions you want to ask. This will give you a lot more flexibility as you go.

So really, really cool. I’ve included a link in our blog post if you want to take a look at what’s coming down the pike.

All right. That’s Riddle. Those are the types of quiz questions that you can ask.

If you have any questions, of course, about quizzes or whatever, just give us a shout on support. We love to help out and we all race each other to respond first. So you should get an answer within under two minutes.

All right. Thanks so much. And Happy Riddling!

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