Quiz Lead Generation 2.0 – connecting to MailChimp

We designed Riddle as an easy to use, super powerful quiz marketing platform.

With Quiz Lead Generation 2.0 – you can collect emails and quiz responses, then automatically send them to your MailChimp account.

Gather emails and quiz responses to segment leads – then send out personalized follow up messages, based on each user’s quiz experience.

Here’s how you can get going:

  1. Create a list in your MailChimp account – with the fields you want to collect.
  2. Add text fields for each field like ‘Quiz result’, ‘Quiz description’ etc. – and make them hidden.
  3. Go to Riddle and in the ‘Collect leads’ step of your quiz – click ‘Connect’
  4. Select ‘MailChimp’
  5. Log-in
  6. Map your Riddle form fields to your existing list fields in your software.
  7. Note: To link to quiz responses and results, just scroll down to the ‘dynamic data’ section.

Now that’s just part of the process – sending all quiz responses and leads to your MailChimp account.

Here’s a video overview:


Optional step 2 – Automate follow up email messages:

Once the leads are in your MailChimp account, you might want to set up campaigns that automatically send messages to users.

Check out how this video overview:

 You have two options:

  1. Send the same template message to all users – 
    • Select ‘Campaign’ in MailChimp – then choose ‘regular email’. 
    • Pick your list as the recipients.
    • Customize the content of the email
  2. Go automated – sending different messages based on responses
    • Select ‘automated’ in the ‘Campaign’ section of MailChimp
    • Design your email template and text for your message
    • Next – click on ‘edit trigger’
    • This is your chance to tell MailChimp when to send this message to a particular user. 
    • Click on list management > ‘changed list field to value’
    • Select your quiz result variable in the dropdown – and paste the text of your quiz result.
    • Any time a new subscriber with this exact quiz result joins you list – they will be sent this message.
    • Repeat these steps to create automated campaigns for each of the other quiz results.

That’s based on using MailChimp’s native integration with Ridde.
You can also connect your email tools using Zapier or our webhook.
And of course, any questions – please just ask us at hello@riddle.com or via support chat.

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