Getting started with Riddle

We have a great overview of using our Zapier app – or you can watch or video overview below.

Before you start, please make sure to read this:

Really IMPORTANT: Only set up the ZAP when you are finished creating your Riddle. Everytime you make changes to the Riddle and hit publish again, you will need to refresh the ZAP (meaning go through all the steps again and refresh each option). Re-Publishing a Riddle BREAKS the Zappier connection!

What Riddle triggers and actions are supported?

  • Post Riddle quiz – triggers after any type of Riddle quiz is completed.
  • Once your Riddle quiz is completed, all data from the Riddle (including anything that was entered into a lead form) will be sent to Zapier.

Supported actions

  • Riddle only sends data to Zapier for further processing (e.g. ‘Add new subscriber’) – so there are no specific Riddle actions.

Supported searches

  • Find your Riddle account (either team or individual)
  • Find a Riddle quiz – we will display all Riddles from the account you select.

Tips for using Riddle

When using the Riddle Zapier app, please follows these important points:

  • You only use ONE zap per Riddle. Creating multiple zaps that connect to the same Riddle will result in data loss
  • Do NOT use the webhook feature on Riddle when using the Riddle Zapier app (the webhook can be enabled in the Riddle creator on the “Advanced” tab). If you enable the webhook the zap will either not work or you might get double data entry.

If you plan to send data from the quiz such as quiz results or answers to specific questions to a tool of your choice, make sure you have set up the correct data structure on the receiving end before you start building your zap.

Also, if your lead capture form on Riddle is set to allow skipping, Riddle will still send data to zapier but without any data from the skipped lead form.

There are tools like MailChimp that require an email to be added for a new dataset.

To avoid errors from missing email fields, you need to use filters in your zap. Set up a filter to only continue if the email field is not empty.

Or you could set up the filter to only continue if the email field contains the @ character, which will also be a great check for valid email addresses.

Common problems with Riddle’s Zapier app

Can I point multiple zaps at one Riddle quiz?

Zapier is awesome, but it prefers to concentrate on one thing at a time. Connecting the same Riddle to multiple zaps confuses Zapier – and all of your zaps won’t work.  

Need to perform multiple actions (like sending leads to a Google Sheet then your CRM? No problem – just string these tasks together in one ZAP.

Can I also use Riddle’s webhook AND Zapier?

If you’re using Zapier, please do NOT enable the webhook in the same Riddle. You’ll end up feeling super popular – as each user will result in double entries or worst case in total data loss.

What’s this ‘Dynamic data’ I see when testing?

Don’t worry about the ‘dynamic data’ message when Zapier tests your Riddle. Testing will not send live data – but your zap will return each user’s unique information once your zap is live.

Why am I seeing this ‘’ email?

We added a sample email – “” – to help test the set up step. This email might get added to your zap – once finished, you can always delete this record in your email marketing tool.

The other option –  you can skip the test on the very last set up step. Just make sure to run through your live Riddle quiz at least once, then check your zap’s task history to make sure your data is processed correctly.

My Zap suddenly stopped working? What happened?

You probably made a change to your Riddle and hit “publish” in Riddle. This breaks the Zapier connection in Riddle 1.0. Please make sure to only build a Zap once the Riddle is final. If you do need to make changes to a Riddle, you will need to set the zap up again. It is sufficient to run through all the steps and refresh all options once.

Further reading

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