Add leads to MailChimp lists (using quiz results)

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Use quiz results to send leads from your quiz to MailChimp lists

Now, our Riddle quiz maker provides an integrated connection to MailChimp – which handles the easy stuff. But for advanced users, sometimes you need to do more. One common use case? You want to collect leads online when you create a quiz, then add them to different MailChimp lists based on each user’s quiz results.

For example, imagine you have a personality test with two results: “Personality A” and “Personality B”. (Creative names, right?)

(Sheepishly moving on…)

Now, you might want to send the leads that got “Personality A” to your MailChimp list “A leads” – and the others to your “B leads” list.

Why? Email marketing works best when the message is directly connected to the user.

Just ask Ryan Levesque – we’re big fans of his ‘Ask Method’ to automatically segment and qualify leads based on quiz results.

Imagine you used our personality test maker to whip up a quiz called “Which vacation should you take?”.

Instead of our rather generic example titles, your results are “Take a cruise!” and “Head out on a city break!”.

Now, as a basic option, you could add all leads to a single MailChimp list – and send everyone a ‘one-size fits all’ email.

However – you’ll get better results if you send each quiz lead to different MailChimp lists. This will let you send each lead a tailored offer based on their test result.

Sound complicated? Don’t worry – you can do this easily with:

We whipped up the video below – to walk you through how this works.


Please be patient after you sent your first test lead. Zapier is awesome – but sometimes it takes up to 10 minutes to run this specific zap.

We recommend:

  1. Take your quiz
  2. Fill out your form with a test lead
  3. Wait 10 minutes
  4. Check the Task History window to see if your zap is completed

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