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Use quiz results to send leads from your quiz to MailChimp lists

Now, our Riddle quiz maker provides an integrated connection to MailChimp – which handles the easy stuff. But for advanced users, sometimes you need to do more. One common use case? You want to send leads to different MailChimp lists based on each user’s quiz results.

For example, imagine you have a personality test with two results: “Personality A” and “Personality B”. (Creative names, right?)

(Sheepishly moving on…)

Now, you might want to send the leads that got “Personality A” to your MailChimp list “A leads” – and the others to your “B leads” list.

Why? Email marketing works best when the message is directly connected to the user. Just ask Ryan Levesque – we’re big fans of his ‘Ask Method’ to automatically segment and qualify leads based on quiz results.

Imagine you are running a personality test for “Which vacation should you take?”.

Instead of our rather generic example titles, your results are “Take a cruise!” and “Head out on a city break!”. Now you could add all leads to a single MailChimp list – and send everyone a ‘one-size fits all’ email.

However – you’ll get better results if you send each quiz lead to different MailChimp lists. This will let you send each lead a tailored offer based on their test result.

Sound complicated? Don’t worry – you can do this easily with:

We whipped up the video below – to walk you through how this works.

But first, please read our ‘intro to using Zapier and Riddle’ – and click below to get access to our free Riddle App on Zapier:



Please be patient after you sent your first test lead. Zapier is awesome – but sometimes it takes up to 10 minutes to run this specific zap.

We recommend:

  1. Take your quiz
  2. Fill out your form with a test lead
  3. Wait 10 minutes
  4. Check the Task History window to see if your zap is completed
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Debugging and testing your MailChimp zap

Want to be sure your Zapier ‘zap’ is doing what you want?

  • Monitor the task history on Zapier.com
  • Send some sample data through your Riddle and then go to “Task History” on zapier.com
  • You should see your zap listed there right at the top of the task history.
  • Click to reveal the details for the data flow – step by step of your zap.

Below, we’ve included a screenshot of the sample zap discussed in the video. The Zapier formatter assigned the correct list ID based on the test result – and is passing the data on to MailChimp.

Zapier Task History to debug data from Riddle Quiz Maker

The task history is a great first step if anything goes wrong with your zap and you don’t know why.

Just follow the flow of data in and out of each step – we bet you’ll be able to spot the problem immediately.

But hey – if that doesn’t help, please contact us at hello@riddle.com or on our support chat. To help us help you (to paraphrase the classic rom-com movie ‘Jerry Maguire’) – please take screenshots of your task history (all the ‘data-in’ and ‘data-out’ details).

We love to help – and this info will make sure we get you up and running in no time.

Happy Riddling!