What’s the difference between creating a quiz or personality test? 

quiz or personality test

Quizzes have questions with a definite right or wrong answer – and each user gets a final score. So for a quiz around “How I Met Your Mother”, you might ask questions like “Just what the heck does Barney do for a living?”.

A personality test is a completely different format – users receive an assessment or final result, based on how they answered all of the questions in the personality test. Riddle’s online quiz creator uses a flexible weighted scoring system – with a range of 21 options for each choice.

  • 0: Zero association
  • 1-7: Weak association
  • 8-14: Medium association
  • 15-20: Strong association
Weighted scoring for Riddle’s personality test

At the end of the personality quiz, our online quiz maker counts up the points for each result type – then assigns the user the particular result with the most points.

Help resources – making a quiz or personality test?

Our team at Riddle has over 40 years of combined online quiz making experience. We know what works – and what doesn’t.

To help new quiz makers, we put these handy guides together – full of our tips and best practices for creating a quiz or making a personality test:

Create a quiz with Riddle

Riddle’s online quiz maker has several types of online quizzes:

  • Quiz – standard quiz, with multiple choice or free text answers. Both questions and answers can be images, audio, or video.
  • Quiz generator – our newest quiz format, the quiz generator lets you upload a spreadsheet of multiple-choice text questions. The quiz automatically reshuffles and shows a new set of questions to users every hour / day / or week. Your quiz will be ‘evergreen’ content and a fresh experience for your audience, with no extra work from you and your team.
  • Tap and find quiz – forget the standard question and multiple choice buttons. Nope, the tap and find quiz challenges the audience to, well, tap and find the answers in the image itself. Super engaging – especially on mobile devices.
  • Order it quiz – our last format lets you ask users to arrange answers in the right order. It could be chronology (“Rank these James Bond movies by release date”), size or amount (“Put the cities in order – from most expensive to least”), and a range of other use cases.

Make a personality test using Riddle

Personality tests are different – giving each user a result that’s based entirely on how they answered the questions. They’re the most viral and socially shared of all of our online quiz formats, and have a wide range of use cases:

  • Assessments and analysis – coaches, mentors, and consultants love how personality tests let them learn about each user.
    • For example, a business coach could create a personality test ‘Are you ready to start your own business?’ with questions like “What’s your main reason for starting your business?”.
    • Depending on their answers, users could get “You’re ready!”, “Keep working and planning”, and “Maybe you’re not cut out for owning a business”.
  • Product recommendations – online shopping has given us literally millions of choices for different products. It can be daunting for visitors to know which product would match their requirements – so a personality test can help guide them.
    • Imagine you run an online bicycle site – and you want to guide users to their perfect next bike. You could make a persaonlity test that asks questions like “What do you want to use your bike for?” and “What’s your budget?”.
    • Each user can choose from commuting, mountain biking, road racing – and pick their budget.
    • At the end of the personality test, you could show them some suggested bikes – including call to action buttons that will take them to the right product pages on your site.

Quiz or personality test – live examples

Now let’s share some live examples, so you can see the difference between a quiz or personality test.

Want to see more?

Riddle’s online quiz maker features 15 types of quiz, list, poll, and survey formats – you can view 23 of our favorite examples from our partners here.

If you want to learn more about these two quiz types, plus read up on how to best create and them, check out our free e-book – QuizMaker – Growth Hack your marketing through quizzes and personality tests.

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