Add video files (MP4) to your Riddle quiz

Video can be a super powerful addition to your riddles. The right video can add energy, motion, and sound – turning a two dimensional quiz into a multi-sensory experience.

Sure, with Riddle, you’ve always been able to search and add a wide range of images, GIFs, and even Tweets from any Twitter user. We’ve also offered a flexible integration with YouTube – just pop in a URL, and set the start/end points.

Now, with Riddle’s Team plan, you can ditch the middleman – leave out YouTube and upload your own MP4 video clips.

Updated: May 21, 2020 – now you can add a MP4 video or ad as an interstitial in any quiz, with no coding required. Set the start/end points you want to display – just like our YouTube feature.

(You might notice this post is full of cats. Our founder Boris isn’t really a cat person – so we like to tease him by adding them in our help docs.)

Example quiz with MP4 video clips

Our team also loves to travel – so did a bit of armchair (or desk chair?) tourism with this quick three question quiz:

The advantages of uploading MP4 videos vs. YouTube

YouTube is a great platform for finding and embedding videos. However – they add a lot of extra ‘stuff’ that can distract users from your quiz experience.

Adding your own MP4 video – the benefits:

  • No YouTube branding, controls, or ads
  • More organic experience
  • Autoplay – for better engagement
  • Run your own video ads – in our in-quiz iFrrame (update with no coding example)
  • Avoid licensing issues with adding videos to YouTube.
  • All videos you add are only available to you – NOT to other Riddle creators.

How to add your video:

You can insert videos almost anywhere in Riddle.

  • Title card
  • Questions
  • Descriptions
  • Answers
  • Answer explanations

Click on the media picker – then the ‘video’ tab.

Adding videos using our media picker

Decide if you want to set custom start/end points for your clip.

  • Your video will only play that snippet.
  • This is useful if you want to reveal the correct answer – after the user guesses.
  • No need to create multiple video files – just set the start/end times for the question, and for the ‘correct answer’.

Choose if:

  • you want to have your video autoplay or require the user to click a play button
  • and if you want the video to continually loop
Autoplay and loop options

(Note: autoplay won’t work if your video is in the title card. Today’s browsers like Chrome and Safari won’t allow videos to autoplay in content.)

Here’s how your video will look to your users – the video player options will only appear when the user mouses over the quiz.

Autoplaying video
Video controls appear – when moused over by user

Add your own MP4 videos – technical details:

Sounds good? Let’s take a look at the type and size of videos that you can use with Riddle’s quiz maker:

  • Format: MP4 videos only – they’re nice and compressed, and play well across a huge range of devices and browsers.
  • Size: 12MB maximum – videos work best as ‘quick hit’ content. Keep them short – and keep your audience engaged. 
  • Check out this free tool to convert your videos to MP4 and make your files smaller.
  • We’re also big fans of Handbrake – a free open-source tool.

Coming soon:

We don’t just rest on our laurels when we add a feature.

Nope – we’ve already got a bunch of ideas to improve this ‘add your own video’ option.

Next up? We’ll be adding start and end points – so you can choose to show only X seconds of a clip.

Possible use cases:

  • Sports: ‘What happened next?’ or ‘Penalty or no penalty’ – show one part of the video, users guess, and you then reveal the following Y seconds.
  • Music/movies/TV: ‘Name this song’ or ‘guess the quote’ – stop the video right before a key line, users try to guess what is said next, and then they find out when you show the next few seconds.

That’s just the start, of course. Stay tuned for more features!