White labelled quiz maker plans – Riddle Pro or Enterprise?

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Our team at Riddle is often asked, “I want a fully white labelled quiz maker. Which Riddle plan is right for my business?” The good news is that Riddle has two options for your needs – Pro and Enterprise.

We designed Pro for solo creators or small companies – giving full control over your branding, and including powerful lead generation and data connection options.

Enterprise was launched in response to requests from larger teams – who wanted increased cooperation options with their colleagues, as well as advanced customization options for their very specific branding needs.

  • Pro is fully white labelled – you can hide our branding, and add your own logo (or your clients’).
  • Enterprise goes further, giving you full control – your designers can use our CSS Editor to customize every aspect of how your quizzes look, for a seamless white labelled integration with your site. There’s no limit – you can match fonts, buttons, borders, text overlays, and more.

white labelled

Now, let’s take a closer look at each key area…


  • Pro is for solo creators or very small teams. It only gives you one email/log-in – with no simultaneous log-ins. You can share the log-in, but if the 2nd person logs in, the 1st person is kicked out.
  • Enterprise is designed for larger environments – with your colleagues creating/collaborating on your company quizzes. It comes with 10 licences and can be extended to just about any team size.
  • Enterprise also gives you the ability to create unlimited teams within your organization (e.g. Editorial, Marketing, Sales).
  • Each team can create/modify within their team – but not the others. It’s a good way to maintain editorial control over your quizzes.

White labelled customisation:

  • Pro gives you excellent customization options around quiz and font colors – from buttons to backgrounds and highlight states.

Enterprise is designed for brand-conscious organizations – where quizzes will appear a completely organic part of your site.

  • CSS editor: enjoy complete creative control with custom CSS. Our founder Boris isn’t a designer – but look at the changes he made in this burger quiz including:
    • Moving the company logo up and added a bit of text to it.
    • Changed the quiz title and results to a text overlay over the image – along with a nice transparent background.
    • Customized the highlight colors for correct and wrong answers.
    • Buttons are styled differently, the embed border removed, and so much more.
  • Custom fonts: publish your quiz using your site’s exact font, for a seamless user experience. Use any Google Font, Adobe Typekit, or upload your own site’s proprietary font.
  • Your designers can use these – or get our free help creating the perfect look and feel. It’s all included in the plan.

Save time with team templates:

  • Enterprise also lets you save time through templates – each a preset combination of all the colors, fonts, CSS, and other graphic customizations.
  • Save different looks by site (home page, blog) or by client.
  • Your editorial teams can then apply them with just a click – without having to remember to manually apply all your branding options with each quiz.

Monetize quizzes with sponsored opportunities:

  • Pro – you can add your sponsors’ logo at the bottom of the quiz.
  • Enterprise – much more creative control, make the logo any size and any position.
  • Add an in-quiz iFrame – show a sponsors’ video commercial, contest entry form, or anything else. Here’s a poll example from 90min.com – showing how custom CSS, custom branding, and an in-Quiz iFrame (a video trailer for the movie FistFight).

That’s a very long-winded example – but we get pretty enthusiastic about our Pro and Enterprise plans. 🙂

If  you’d like a quick call or demo about the differences, just drop us a line at hello@riddle.com. We read and quickly respond to every message – often in under five minutes.

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