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We are making a tough decision about Riddle’s freemium quiz pricing that goes completely contrary to the “Make Everything Free” movement that has taken the internet by storm.

We will no longer be offering an ‘all you can create’ free edition of Riddle’s quiz maker. Instead, we’ll start charging a nominal fee of $15 per month for our basic product and will continue to offer higher end versions for $49 and $249 respectively.

(Please note: unlike some of our competitors, your content on Riddle will always stay live – even if you cancel. We don’t believe in holding your content hostage if you decide to not subscribe – leaving ugly holes in your website. We figure that’s both good business – AND good karma.)

Freemium quiz pricing – why doesn’t free work?

Why? In our short history, we have experimented with multiple price models – from a cost based on how many people would take your quiz to charging you based on the amount of leads you receive.

In the end, all that was just too complicated. We kept hearing from our community that it kept our users from using Riddle as much as they would like – they were afraid that the cost would ramp up too quickly if they had a viral hit.

Now offering a FREE option can be a great option for SaaS (software as a service) companies like ours, as it lets new users sign up and start using your product without any friction from having to pay.

But freemium quiz pricing is not ideal for a healthy Riddle.

We were ending up having to pay server costs for users who would never end up paying to help keep us a fast-growing business.

So, without a free option, we were faced with 2 choices:

  1. Follow the route of other quiz companies and start throwing in random ads into our users’ content
  2. Be upfront and transparent – and start charging.

Now, I’m not sure about you – but the thought of serving unwanted and low quality ads inside our users’ content on their own sites makes us feel, well, “icky”.

We’d much rather just ask our community to contribute to making Riddle even better – staying ads-free leads to a much better user experience.

Freemium quiz pricing – the alternatives

Why $15 for our lowest package? True, the increase from $0 to $15 is pretty minor in the great scheme of things, but we’re firm believers in the old saying: “The biggest pricing increase you can make is from free to $0.01”.

We hope that our creators value our product enough to chip in for this nominal fee. It’s about the cost of a couple of daily coffees, and it will help us cover our cost of operating Riddle, while innovating and shipping great new tools.

Of course, we realize that even $15 will be too much for some users, but there are plenty of alternatives with freemium quiz pricing out there like Playbuzz. They may not be as pretty or offer as many options, but then, you get what you pay for.

Freemium quiz pricing – the new package

What’s in the new BASIC package?

Our $15 option is all about letting you create without limits:

  • Unlimited creation – make and embed as many Riddles as you like
  • Unlimited traffic – 1,000 views or 10 million – one low price
  • Unlimited leads – no cap on the number of new leads and sign ups
  • AWeber and MailChimp integration – send all leads directly to your AWeber or MailChimp account for follow up marketing

We think that this is a pretty sweet deal – and by paying us a little, you’ll be helping us on our journey about making awesome interactive content simple.

Sign up is easy as always – you won’t need a credit card during our 14 day free trial. You can try all of our premium features including removing Riddle branding (or adding your own), custom CSS to match your site, sending all leads to any CRM system, multiple user team accounts, and more.

Plus, you’ll be able to run anything you create during your free trial as an embed on your site forever.

And, hey – if it turns out that you decide not to subscribe after your free trial, that is cool with us.

Your content will always live on Riddle. We’re betting that once you realize how much your audience totally loves Riddles on your site, you’ll be back to sign up for a paid plan and keep on creating. 🙂

Thank you for supporting us!

Boris Pfeiffer,
Founder and CEO

PS. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to let us know at hello@riddle.com. We’re passionate about feedback and read and respond to every message – often within just a few minutes.