Choosing the right Riddle quiz creator plan

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Basic, Pro or Team – which quiz creator plan?

We keep pricing for each quiz creator plan simple and straight forward, just like Riddle. Forget ‘cost per engagement’ or limits on how many leads or views when you make a quiz. With Riddle, it’s quiz creation without limits.

Each Riddle plan includes:

  • Access to all content types – quizzes, personality tests, polls, surveys, lists and more
  • Unlimited creation – make and embed as many different Riddles as you like
  • Unlimited leads – gather as many emails as you want every month
  • Unlimited views  – no traffic limits*

*We do have a fair use policy. If you consistently get >10 million Riddle views a month (which is A LOT), we’ll chat with you to negotiate a small extra fee to cover our traffic cost.

quiz creator plan

Which quiz creator plan? (The key differences)

  • Riddle Basic is intended for bloggers:
    • You get all the great Riddle content tools tools
    • Basic lead generation inside the quizzes (4 fields per form)
    • Each quiz includes Riddle’s branding
  • Riddle Pro is our fully white-labelled plan for small companies:
    • Add your own logo
    • Advanced lead generation (unlimited fields)
    • Put in a custom footer text for a disclaimer or promotional links
    • Send quiz takers to your own, custom result pages based on their answers
  • Riddle Team adds teams and powerful customization features for brands and agencies:
    • Collaborate with up to 10 team members (extra licenses available).
    • Get creative – seamlessly blend your quiz to your site with custom fonts matching (TypeKit, Google Fonts, etc.)
    • Fully control your quiz’s visual appearance with our CSS editor
    • Upload your own MP4 videos in any quiz or content format

Extended feature list:

Our quiz maker has 100+ features – with more added all the time.

Check out our pricing page at – for a detailed breakdown of what features are included in each of our quiz creator plans.

Basic / Pro / Team – which Riddle quiz creator plan?

Riddle Basic

  • All the features you need to get started
  • Starting at just $29 / month
  • No limits – unlimited quizzes, unlimited leads, unlimited Riddle views.
  • Includes our Riddle logo

Riddle Pro

  • 100% your own branding – add your clickable logo (or your clients’)
  • Starting at $49 / month
  • Add a custom footer – perfect for legal terms, text ads and links. Choose to display on the start page or throughout your quiz.
  • Result redirect pages – send quiz takers to different landing pages, based on their quiz answers.
    • Create a highly targeted sales funnel – sow each customer the perfect product based on their quiz results. (For the psychology behind it, check out our blog post on the “Ask Method”.

Riddle Team

  • Style your Riddle quiz so it perfectly fits your brand and your website.
  • From $199 / month
  • Complete creative control with custom CSS – our example demonstrates this by:
    • Centering and increasing the size of the logo
    • Showing the quiz title and result copy as a text overlay over the image with a nice transparent background
    • Buttons are styled differently, the embed border removed, and so much more.
  • Team gives you near-total freedom – and we’re here to help!
  • As part of your plan, we’ll help you create CSS ‘recipes’ to match your site. Just ask us.
  • Fonts galore: upload or choose any font from Google, Adobe Type Kit,, fontdeck.
    • In this example, we used two beautiful Google fonts – Slabo 72px for all text and Roboto for the buttons.
  • Upload your MP4 videos – engage your audience with adding your own video to any question, run video ads, or any other rich media.
  • Full control to monetize your quiz – add a custom lead form, contest, or even a video ad before showing the quiz results.
  • Want to see one in action? Check out this brilliant example from sports publisher 90min – promoting the movie Tomb Raider for their client with branding and a video trailer.
  • That’s just the start – read more about your options with custom iframe in your Riddle quiz here.

Any questions about how Riddle can help you create a quiz?

Please let us know at or on support chat.

We’re big customer service geeks at Riddle, and race each other to answer each message. 🙂

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