Riddle has a flexible multi-user team option included in all plans. It features three team roles, designed to give different levels of quiz editing and creation access.

Flexible team roles and access rights with Riddle's online quiz maker
Flexible team roles with Riddle’s quiz maker

We know that working collaboratively can pose some challenges – so we added different team roles, to help you manage your quiz maker team more effectively.

Riddle team roles

  • Admins: no surprise here, admins are the most powerful of our team roles.
    • Templates: they can create and modify team style templates, including the team’s ‘default’ style template.
    • Team members: admins can invite or delete team members, as well as set roles
    • Can create, publish, and delete any type of Riddle content
  • Editors: ideal for the majority of your team members
    • Can create and publish any type of Riddle content
    • Cannot delete content
    • Can apply – but not change – any templates
  • Authors: designed for junior members of your team, interns or freelancers
    • Can create content
    • Cannot publish or delete content
    • Authors will see a ‘You don’t have publishing rights’ message in the publish step.
Team roles - author

Team roles – best practices

You can create unlimited workspaces/teams with Riddle – and then invite any of your colleagues or clients for $19 per month (see our pricing here).

And don’t worry. Each user can belong to any number of teams – they will only be counted a single user.

We recommend you create a minimum of two teams – one for finished quiz or other Riddle content, the other for drafts.

When your team finalizes a quiz, they should transfer the quiz to the ‘finished’ team.

Additional team ideas

You might also want to add teams separated by:

  • Language – you might be supporting sites across multiple languages, so we recommend Riddle’s publishing partners create teams for each language (French, Spanish, etc.).
  • Department – one team for marketing, another for editorial, and so on.
  • Client – this is especially true for agencies using Riddle. Client-specific teams help them collaborate – while limited their visibility and access to their content only.

Coming soon – make your own team roles

We’re often asked for more flexibility in how team roles work. With Riddle 2 now live, we want to add the ability to create your own roles – so you can pick and choose exactly what access you need.

  • For example, you might want to make a ‘finance’ role – who can look at quiz statistics and download invoices, but can’t edit or publish content.
  • Or perhaps you might want to let your clients view quizzes in progress, but you want to remove all edit options.

Special roles for finance and clients would be perfect for you.

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