Have you made a quiz in one team – then wanted to transfer it to another?

This is a common use case – and why all of Riddle’s plans let you invite multiple colleagues and clients.

Agencies and publishers often create a wide variety of teams around clients or departments (marketing, sales, and the like).

Riddle’s transfer option lets you quickly move content from one team to another.

How can I transfer a quiz to another team?

Riddle launched in 2014 – if you’re using our original quiz maker (1.0), you can jump ahead to our steps for transferring a quiz in 1.0.

Riddle 1.0 – transfer a quiz

Please note: You’ll need to be a member of both teams.

transfer quiz between teams

It’s super easy.

  1. Go to ‘My Riddles’
  2. Click on your Riddle
  3. Then ‘Transfer’

How to just move a copy to the new team?

Riddle’s quiz maker also has a nifty ‘duplicate’ feature.

duplicate low

You can keep the original version, and move a duplicate copy – so both teams have your quiz.

  1. Go to ‘My Riddles’
  2. Click on the three dots next to your Riddle
  3. Select ‘Duplicate’ to make a copy of your quiz.
  4. Then go back to ‘My Riddles’ and click ‘Transfer’ to move this new version to the other team.

Use cases @ transfer a quiz

Our transfer feature is a powerful option – ideal for collaborating across departments or with different clients or stakeholders.


Riddle’s quiz maker is used by agencies worldwide – who love the full white-labelling options and CSS control.

  • Create a team for your internal creators
  • Add another team for each of your clients
  • Your team will make a quiz or other Riddle formats in their team.
  • Once finalised, you can transfer it to your client folder – so they can review and approve.


We’re used by some of the biggest publishers and brands around – from the BBC to CNN and Shopify.

Like agencies, they love the full customization options – but they’re also big fans by our wide range of 15 formats and unlimited usage.

  • Create a team for each department or internal group (content marketing, sponsored content, etc.)
  • Or, you could make a team for each brand
  • Each team makes content in their own ‘silo’.
  • But copy then transfer useful content to your other teams.
  • This will give you editorial control – and make sure the original Riddle content is never changed.

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