We know that your quiz (and your brand) is unique – so we’ve made it easy to customize your quiz with Riddle’s quiz maker with all of our plans.

Unlike some quiz maker tools, who limit customization to their most expensive plans.

We give 60+ options for such areas like:

  • Look: Colors, fonts, backgrounds, buttons and more
  • White label: hide our Riddle branding and/or add your own logo
  • Structure: Add lead forms, choose when to display answers, how answers at end of the quiz or 
  • Social sharing: Get your quiz viral. Pick your platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more) and create custom sharing social messages for each.

Video: customizing your Riddle quiz or content

Check out this quick overview by our cofounder Mike – walking you through all the ways you can customize your quiz, personality test, or other Riddle formats.

Customize your quiz – by section

There are far too many options to describe here – but we’ve organized them into sections in the ‘Customize’ step:

customize quiz section
  1. Style: choose between different layouts and styles to match your site and brand.
  2. Branding & footer: hide Riddle’s logo (or add your own), add text (like your privacy policy) to the footer, etc. (Pro/Team)
customize quiz - branding
  1. Colors: customize the colors for your quiz, from buttons to background and more.
  2. Text & language: choose your language, change button text, and more
  3. Social: all things related to social sharing
  4. Format-specific options: each Riddle format has certain unique features. We put them here – for example, you can set opening/closing dates for polls, or hide right and wrong answers for quizzes.
customize quiz
  1. Call to action: turn on a quiz-wide call to action button, that will appear for every result type. Buttons for different results are in the ‘Create’ step. (Pro/Team)
  2. Timer: set a quiz timer here, either for the entire experience or for individual questions. (Pro/Team)
  3. Privacy: let your users opt-in to the collection of data by YouTube or Twitter
  4. CSS editor: customize virtually every aspect of your riddle with CSS, from colors to borders to layouts. (Team)

Total creative freedom – with CSS and custom fonts

Want near-total creative control? Check out our CSS Editor (Team plan) – change the look of almost any visual element of a Riddle. 

Check out this awesome example from Celtic FC – complete with CSS, their uploaded custom fonts, and our quiz timer.

Customize quiz - celtic fc example

Video transcription: Customize your quiz

(Here’s a handy transcription of our ‘customize your quiz’ video walkthrough – in case that’s faster for you to read.)

Hi there, my name is Mike and I’m one of the co-founders here at Riddle. In this video, I’m just going to give you a quick walkthrough on our extensive quiz customization options.

Now, unlike most other quiz maker tools, in our different price plans, we give almost the identical quiz customization options. You can customize, frankly, almost everything across all our plans.

So let’s dive in. And we’ll use this little handy cyber security template that I created, you’ll want to pop over to the customizes step and because we have so many quiz customization options, we’ve put everything into different sections.

First off, you can choose the type of quiz layout that suits your particular needs. We’re big fans of our new ‘epic’ layout, but our other options were quite well. You can say, “Hey, I’m going to unroll my quiz. I want to show all the questions.”

In one view you can also hide the start page. Maybe you want your quiz takers just to see question number one immediately to get them to click more. You can of course, hide our our branding, add your logo, you can customize almost everything.

In this case, I’m going to change the key color actually – I’ve now changed the button to red, I’m also going to change the fonts, go back up to here, I could change our fonts to any of these fonts. I can add my own fonts with Google or TypeKit or things like that.

Now that is a team feature. But even our standard list of fonts is quite extensive and gives you lots of flexibility.

But you’ll see as you go down those again, lots and lots of options, you can customize all the button text, the language, social sharing.

Each quiz type also has its own particular type of customizations. So maybe for a quiz I want to randomize my questions. I’m going to hide the right or wrong answer message. So these are quiz-specific and then there’s some security options, call to action buttons, and timers.

We have lots (and LOTS) of options.

That’s the main takeaway.

If you have any questions about which quiz customization features would work for you and also which plan would meet your needs, just give us a shout on our customer support.

Myself, my co-founder Boris, we actually make it our mission to race our entire developer team to respond. First, there’s a monthly beer competition for the person who answers the most tickets every month. And so we get pretty excited about being super fast.

All right. So enjoy Riddle, enjoy our quiz maker and customize the heck out of your quiz.

Thanks so much – and Happy Riddling!

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