You can easily copy a quiz (or any other poll, survey, or other format) with Riddle’s quiz maker. copy a quiz It’s a great way to try out new versions of questions, easily support multiple languages, and more.

How to copy a quiz

Right, just the rest of our quiz creator – it’s quick and easy to copy a copy with Riddle:
  1. Go to ‘My Riddles’
  2. Click on the three dots next to your Riddle
  3. Select ‘Duplicate’ to make a copy of your quiz.
  4. You can then edit and make changes in this new version of your quiz.
copy a quiz with Riddle

Supporting multiple languages?

Many of our customers (like Chelsea FC – check out how they create pre-game quizzes with Riddle) make a template version in their mother language – then make copies, one for each language. Riddle supports 67 languages – and counting!
copy a quiz for different language versions
All the images and quiz structure will remain the same. You will just need to change the text for your questions and answers.
  1. Create a quiz
  2. Once all the content is finalized, follow the steps to copy a quiz listed above.
  3. Change all the text (such as title, questions, etc.) to your new language.
  4. Change the quiz language under the ‘Basic’ tab in the ‘Customize’ step – this will change all the permanent language strings (such as ‘play again’) to the new language.

Copy a quiz for A/B testing

Adding an automated A/B quiz tool is definitely on our list. We can’t wait until you can automatically test for the perfect combination of  title, questions, images, and the like.

However, for now – you can do this manually with Riddle.

  • Click on the three dots next to your Riddle
  • Select ‘Duplicate’ to copy a quiz or any other format
  • Make your changes
  • Press ‘Publish’ and embed that quiz

What most people do – run quiz 1 for X days, then quiz 2 for Y days.

You then compare the results between the two versions using our analytics tool – and embed the one that works the best.

(Want to know how your quiz is performing? Check out some of our benchmarks for great quiz statistics.)

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