Step 3: How can I customize my quiz?

We know that your quiz is unique – so we’ve designed Riddle’s quiz maker to be super flexible for your needs.

All our plans let you customize your quiz – with 50+ options for such areas like:

  • Look: Colors, fonts, backgrounds, buttons and more
  • White label: hide our Riddle branding and/or add your own logo
  • Structure: Add lead forms, choose when to display answers, how answers at end of the quiz or 
  • Social sharing: Get your quiz viral. Pick your platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more) and create custom sharing social messages for each.

There are far too many options to describe here – but we’ve organized them into sections in the ‘Customize’ step:

  1. Style: choose between different layouts and styles to match your site and brand.
  2. Branding & footer: hide Riddle’s logo (or add your own), add text (like your privacy policy) to the footer, etc. (Pro/Team)
quiz maker customization options
  1. Colors: customize the colors for your quiz, from buttons to background and more.
  2. Text & language: choose your language, change button text, and more
  3. Social: all things related to social sharing
  4. Format-specific options: each Riddle format has certain unique features. We put them here – for example, you can set opening/closing dates for polls, or hide right and wrong answers for quizzes.
personality test maker - customization options
  1. Call to action: turn on a quiz-wide call to action button, that will appear for every result type. Buttons for different results are in the ‘Create’ step. (Pro/Team)
  2. Timer: set a quiz timer here, either for the entire experience or for individual questions. (Pro/Team)
  3. Privacy: let your users opt-in to the collection of data by YouTube or Twitter
  4. CSS editor: customize virtually every aspect of your riddle with CSS, from colors to borders to layouts. (Team)

Want near-total creative control? Check out our CSS Editor (Enterprise plan) – change the look of almost any visual element of a Riddle. 

To learn more about the CSS editor, check out this great quiz example from Penguin/Random House or click here for more info.