Step 3: How can I customize my quiz?

We know your quiz is unique – so we’ve designed Riddle to be super flexible for your needs.

All our plans let you customize your quiz – from:

  • Look: Colors, fonts, backgrounds, buttons and more
  • Structure: Add lead forms, choose when to display answers, how answers at end of the quiz or 
  • Social sharing: Get your quiz viral. Pick your platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and create custom sharing social messages for each.

There are wayyyy too many options to describe here – but they’re divided into five tabs:

  1. Style: colors, fonts, and the like
  2. Social: all things related to social sharing
  3. Basic: choose your language, add a footer, etc.
  4. More+: features specific to each type of quiz (like ‘hiding quiz answers’)
  5. Call to action: add a button in each user’s results – linking to any URL (great for offers!)


Want near-total creative control? Check out our CSS Editor (Enterprise plan) – change the look of almost any visual element of a Riddle. 

To learn more about the CSS editor, check out this great quiz example from Penguin/Random House or click here for more info.