Step 2: How can I collect emails in my quiz?

Quizzes are awesome lead generation/email collection tools – and Riddle makes it easy for you to collect user emails and their quiz responses. 

What should you do?

In the ‘Collect leads’ step, create a lead generation form using our tools to ask for user responses and email addresses (like this quiz by the NBA’s Chicago Bulls).

  • Pair each lead with their quiz responses – to make targeted groups of leads – based on how they answered your quiz.
  • Then send out personalized follow up marketing messages around the user’s results or their answers to a particular question (learn how to create an automated quiz-powered marketing funnel).
  • Run contests – select winners based on how people scored (only people who got more than 90% correct in a quiz for example).
  • You can also copy/paste your own existing forms or landing pages and send all data to your CRM system using our in-quiz iFrame option.

Whew – hope that’s enough to get started… any questions though – just send us a note at or via support chat. 

Happy Riddling! 🙂