Step 1: What quiz should I create?

Want to create your first quiz – but aren’t sure what type?

  • Quiz: A series of ‘right/wrong’ questions, your users will get a ‘You got X out of Y correct… You’re <result name>!’ type result. 
  • Personality test: No correct or incorrect answers – instead, each person gets an overall result, based on how they answered the questions. Ex. ‘What’s your travel style?’ – ‘Beach lover’, ‘City slicker’…)
  • Journey: Our ‘choose your own adventure’ style quiz – the branching logic shows each user a question based on their previous answer. (Ex. ‘What computer should I buy?’)

  • Opinion poll: Ask one question with our classic poll. Users can select their favorite answer – and see the overall results.
  • Reaction poll: Your audience gives their opinion using a slider to express ‘Strongly agree’ (or like) to ‘Strongly agree’ (or dislike).
  • Ranked poll: Our newest poll – get your users to drag/drop their favorite choices in order. (Ex. ‘Rank these 80’s movies’)

  • List: the classic listicle is great for showing content in an easy-to read format (‘9 cities to visit this year’, ‘7 classic interview mistakes’). 
  • Upvote list: a list meets poll, your audience will upvote their favorites (‘Who played best in this week’s game?’)
  • Survey: Find out what people really think – with single, multiple choice, and free text downloadable answers.
  • Social story:  Quiz meets blog post – create a rich long-form story. Embed social media, images, and other Riddle quizzes.

You copy also copy any of our quiz templates directly to your account – to try out and edit to make your own.

Want inspiration on how to use any quiz style? We have dozens of our own quiz templates that you can use – simply copy any of our own template Riddles directly to your account.

  • Click on any quiz type
  • Select the eye icon to preview and play the quiz
  • Click the ‘+’ to add this template to your account

Check out these live examples of Riddles in action to get inspired – next up? Create your own! Riddle is super intuitive – the best thing to do is just get started:

Check out some of our favorite examples to get your creativity flowing: