Order It: Riddle’s drag/drop sequence quiz

At Riddle, we are constantly adding new types of quizzes to our quiz maker. Our goal? Give our creators a constantly growing tool kit – giving them the creative freedom and flexibility to make awesome quizzes for their audience.

Introducing (drum roll, please!) ‘Order It’ – our newest of Riddle’s 12  quizzes. 

With Order It, you can challenge each player to arrange image/text cards in the correct order. It could be chronological (‘Arrange Star Wars movies by release date’), process-oriented (‘What are the seven steps to buying a house?’, or anything under the sun.

Order It also uses a drag/drop interface – that works well on both desktop and mobile for better engagement.

You can also add a quiz timer for an extra burst of adrenaline – or collect and send responses to Google Docs if you want to run a quick quiz contest like ‘Answer 90% to enter to win!’. 

How to create your ‘Order It’:

  1. Add title image and description
  2. In ‘stack 1’, click the + sign to add a card. 
  3. Type an ordering explanation (e.g. “Line up these cards from oldest to new”)
  4. Choose a background graphic (rectangle or left => right arrow)  to help guide your audience
  1. Add an image or animated GIF
  2. Then, a card title and (optional) card description. You have a max of 15 and 80 characters – to keep text nice and readable in the card.
  1. Add more cards (4-6 is the optimal number)
  2. IMP’T: place the cards in the correct order. The cards will be shuffled for your users.
  3. Once finished, click the + below Stack 1 to add another stack of cards.

Customizing your ‘Order It’:

  • Click on ‘answer options’
  • Customize how many chances (lives) the user has for this stack (or give unlimited lives)
  • Show/hide the correct ✔and incorrect ✖ icons
  • Briefly show correct/wrong answers – give users a hint after they 
  • Enable skip button – frustrated users can just skip the question (receiving 0 points)
  • “Show correct order” button – after user runs out of lives, button will display the correct card order

Example ‘Order It’:

Here’s our live example around the ever-amazing Star Wars movies… with two stacks – one asking to place movies in order by release date, the other to decide when characters first appeared in Star Wars: A New Hope.