How do I set up an SMTP server with Riddle?

Want to send double opt-in messages from Riddle from your email address (and not

These messages are sent when:

  • Someone starts to take your quiz.
  • They fill in your lead form
  • (You’ve selected either the ‘Save to Riddle’ or ‘Save to Google’ options in the ‘Save’ step of the ‘Collect Leads’ process.)
  • Your lead receives an email – saying (basically) “Please confirm you’d like to receive messages from <your amazing company>.”

The back story: GDPR and other privacy regulations often require a user confirms they want to receive messages from you. We call this a double opt-in – and we support this feature in Riddle.

Many of our business customers have this requirement – but they want a 100% branded experience for leads. Plus, emails coming from your domain ( get much better clickthrough rates.

If you are subscribed to either our Pro or Team plans, you can now use your own SMTP mail server to send emails from Riddle.

Let’s walk you through how to set this up.

First, you’ll need to connect your SMTP account with Riddle – to allow us to use your server for sending mails.

Getting started:

Set up your SMTP account on the customer messaging menu:

  • Click the main menu on the top right corner
  • Select “Customer Messaging”

On the next screen, select SMTP to configure your own SMTP gateway

If you do not know your SMTP settings, here are a few good tips to get started:

  • The SMTP sever is what you use to send emails, while your POP or IMAP servers is what you use to receive emails.
  • You’ll need the username and the password for your mail account.
  • You’ll also need the URL of your SMTP server.
  • A few common SMTP servers and their default settings are listed below
Mail ProviderServerSecurityPort
non-encrypted25 (or 587)
Gmail / Google
Yahoo Mailsmtp.mail. yahoo.comSSL465
Yahoo AU/
BT Internetmail.btinternet.comnone25

If your mail provider is not in the list above, you should easily find it by typing the name of your mail provider and “SMTP settings” into Google.

Okay – next, fill out all the details and hit the button “Create your SMTP gateway” to save your settings.

To test your settings and to verify your gateway, click the “Send test mail” button.

If everything checks out, you will see a screen message that your gateway has been verified – plus receive a test email sent to the same email address you used to log in to Riddle.

Otherwise, Riddle will show an error message.

Now, we love being helpful at Riddle – but unfortunately, the error message we get from the mail servers are not alway very precise.

The message will often say “wrong credentials”, when the server really means “wrong port or wrong encryption method”.

Sigh. Sorry about that.

But here’s some troubleshooting we recommend:

  • If you are certain that you entered the correct username and password, try different encryption methods (SSL or TLS) and change the ports.
  • SSL most often requires Port 465 and TLS requires 587.

Hopefully – you’re all set up and can now use your own SMTP gateway to send your double opt-in emails for each lead filling out your lead forms in your quiz.

(We know this isn’t the most intuitive process – but it’s definitely worth it. And give us a shout on support chat or at if we can assist with questions. Our founder Boris in particular is a big tech geek and loves solving SMTP issues.)