Add Vimeo videos to any Riddle quiz

At Riddle, you can now use Vimeo to insert video clips into any of your quizzes, polls, or other Riddle content. Hurrah!

Video can be powerful – with sound and motion, it’s infinitely better at conveying emotion and meaning than images and text.

We always believed that video is a huge level up for making any quiz or other interactive content more engaging – Riddle has supported YouTube and MP4 quiz video options.

Now with our Pro or Team plans, you can add Vimeo video clips – no coding required.

Here’s how to add Vimeo videos to your quiz

  • Click ‘add images or video’ in any question or answer.
  • Then select Vimeo in the ‘video/audio’ section.
  • Next – add your Vimeo video URL (ex.
  • Turn on (or leave off) these options:
    • Auto-play – the video automatically starts when loaded.
    • Loop – the video play will play over… and over… and over…
    • Start (time) – pick the start point, great for showing just part of a video vs. the whole clip.
  • And click ‘more options’ for, well, more options!

Extra Vimeo video quiz flexibility

Vimeo loves giving you flexibility – check out all these other options:

  • Byline (author info) – show the video creator
  • Author profile picture – display their picture
  • Video title – shows the video title (what a surprise, right?)
  • Speed controls – let users speed up or slow down the video
  • Hide funny error messages – Vimeo has a good sense of humor with funny error messages. This option turns them off.
  • Auto-pause – use when having more than one Vimeo video on a page
  • Hide all controls, set video to autoplay on mute (requires Vimeo Plus) – hides buttons like play, stop, etc.
  • Transparent (deactivate to show black background)
  • Play inline on mobile (vs. full-screen) – on mobile devices, most browsers open a video as a temporary separate window. This option plays the video directly inside the original window.
  • Mute on start – mutes audio when the video starts
  • Do not track (no Vimeo tracking) – we recommend turning this on. It turns off all the analytics and tracking by Vimeo for your video.