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Riddle’s quiz maker has built in social sharing – now your quiz takers can easily share their quiz results on Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn. All that social virality makes your quizzes powerful viral marketing and content tools – as AdWeek points out, quizzes are the most shared content online.

Next, we’ve made sharing of Riddles more personal and unique – connecting each share message with your user’s results.

This has a HUGE positive impact on virality and social sharing.​

On average – we’ve found about anywhere up to 10% of visitors share their quiz results on social media (a good average is 3-4%). It doesn’t sounds like a lot – but that’s high quality, free traffic – all coming back to your site to get their own results and continue the viral conversation with their friends.

Our social sharing doesn’t stop there – we also give you full control over your social sharing messaging.

Customize the pre-filled template messages that your users will share on each different social network – or hide social sharing of your quiz altogether.

For example, your Twitter users might share ‘Sweet, I got “You’re hella a local” on this “San Francisco: The Locals’ Challenge” quiz. #SFrocks’, while you might prefer a more formal “Can you beat my 8/8 on this “San Francisco: The Locals’ Challenge” quiz?” for LinkedIn or Facebook.

White label sharing on Facebook

(Updated June 8, 2020)

You can now have your website’s URL appear every time a quiz taker shares their quiz results.

  1. Edit your quiz
  2. Go to the ‘Customize’ step
  3. Click on the ‘Social’ tab
  4. Turn ‘Facebook white label’

Once the option you’ve activated the “Facebook white label” option and press ‘publish’, the Facebook share message will contain the URL of the page where the Riddle is embedded (instead of the usual

Unfortunately due to a limitation of Facebook’s API, this sharing option is not able to detect the result name or other info from the quiz.

Instead, the share post will use the share image and text from the open graph tags of the page – where you’ve embedded your riddle quiz.

To make it look good, you’ll need to do a bit of coding on your side. Marketing guru Neil Patel gives some good OGC tips here.

White label example – no OG tags edited on your site:

This is how your post will look using our white label option ‘as is’ – you can see the URL on the post looks good, but there is no image.

White label example – with OG tags edited:

You can of course dynamically update the OG tags with info from the Riddle when using our events and applying a fair bit of solid coding skills.

In this image, we’ve embedded the quiz on our site – then manually adjusted the OG tags so it pulls in my

Compare this with our standard Facebook sharing – due to the limitation of FB’s standard API, it shows the URL:

Use a Facebook App to fully customize the share message

Even when you use the White Label option, you will still see the word “Riddle” next to your share message. To remove this and replace it with your own text, you need to set up a Facebook app and add the app ID to the Riddle share settings. Please head over to our documentation to learn how to set up sharing with a Facebook App.

Any questions?

If you’re looking for more info about how you white label all Facebook share posts, please just drop us a line at – we’d love to hear from you!

We’re a lean team – so can’t code your page for you or set up the OG tags. But we’re happy to help with advice and best practice tips.

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