We’re super excited – our new text editor is awesome, giving you loads of creative options with your quiz text.

(But if you want even more – check out our CSS quiz editor or custom font options.)

Formatting options:

  • Change font sizes
  • Add super- and subscripts (x2 and x2)
  • Insert emoji 

Riddle Pro or Team subscriber can also:

  • Customise quiz text font colors
  • Add a font background color
    • Indent text
  • Edit text HTML for maximum creative control
  • Insert pictures – for extra graphic punch
  • Create tables – ideal for displaying information to the reader

We’re pretty excited about this new quiz text editor – and hope you find this useful.

But of course – any questions about this (or anything else quiz-related), just give us a shout on our support chat. We’re always happy to help!

PS. If you’re interested in the tech geek side of things, our text editor is powered by Kendo. Brilliant software – highly recommended for other startups!

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