We’ve added flexible quiz scoring to Riddle’s quiz maker! Back when we started in 2014, our quiz questions initially were just one point each – now you can give each question any value.

And that worked well – but we kept getting a number of requests for more flexibility.

For example, many users (naturally) wanted to make hard questions worth more than the easier ones.

Please note – this doesn’t (yet!) apply to our quiz generator, tap and find, or order it quiz types.

Plus, our personality test doesn’t have right/wrong answers – it uses a completely different weighted scoring mechanism to assign results to each user.

Flexible quiz scoring – how to:

  • Create a quiz (the only Riddle type with this feature so far)
  • In the ‘answer section’ of each question – change the ‘points for correct answer’.
  • By default, questions are worth 1 point – but you make each question differing value.
quiz maker different points option

Quiz timers and flexible scoring – powerful combination

We recommend using along with our quiz and question timer.

For example, you could give more points for questions with less time (e.g. 1 pts for 10 second questions, 3 pts for 5 second time limits).

That’s a great combo – it rewards the quick-minded, and prevents people from Googling answers.

Don’t forget our quiz leaderboards as well – designed to let your quiz takers show off to their friends and your community!

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