Absolutely – we added this feature at the request of our agencies and corporate partners. Collaborating with colleagues and clients requires more than one user log-in – now you can add unlimited numbers of users.

Our BASIC and PRO plans are single-user options – with only log-in per account at any one time. You can share that with your colleagues – but you won’t be able to both work on your quizzes simultaneously.

Our TEAM plan was designed with this in mind, so teams can collaborate and create quizzes together.

  • You’ll be able to add unlimited numbers of teams (by client or by department – ‘editorial’, ‘marketing’, etc.).
  • Everyone in that team will get their own log-in – and can collaborate and create quizzes together.
  • Control access with three levels of permissions – admins, editors, and authors. Everyone can create, but only approved people can actually publish content (more info).

(Side note – our TEAMe plan goes beyond just multiple user log-ins. It also includes team style templates, custom fonts, CSS editing, MP4 video uploads, and more. Read on for more details.)

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