Step 5: Where can I see my quiz stats?

Easy-peasy… you can see all of your quiz stats in the ‘Analyze’ step of your quiz.

(Want an overview of all your quizzes? Click on the ‘Statistics’ option at the top – to see all your quiz data in one easy to view screen .)

Our statistics page provides an overview of your quiz’s performance. Think of it like a funnel – from how many people saw your quiz, deciding to take it, and so on:

  • Views: People who came across the quiz embedded on your site (they may or may not click on it)
  • Engagements: # of people who clicked and interacted with your quiz
  • Completions: # of people who finished it (answered the last question)

And of course:

  • Shares: how many people shared across Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Leads: # of people who completed your lead form

quiz maker statistics - individual quiz

That’s just the start – want to learn more? You should read our ‘Understanding Riddle Quiz Statistics’ blog post: