Step 4: How do I publish/share my quiz?

Once you’ve created a Riddle head to the “Publish” section, the best way to get people to see your Riddles is to share it.

Option 1 – Embedded on your site (Highly recommended!):

  • Best option for most creators
  • Press ‘Publish’

publish your quiz on Riddle

  • Copy our standard embed codes – and embed in any page or post on your site.
  • On your site, it will include all your branding for the best user experience.

embed code riddle quiz maker

  • More viral – as your quiz is discovered and shared (User A posts on FB, User B sees and shares on Pinterest, etc.), all of the viral traffic comes back to your site.
  • If you use option 1 and post the URL, everyone comes back to us.

Option 2 – Sharing the URL directly:  

In the ‘Publish’ section, grab your quiz URL (ex. ) and share on Facebook/Twitter. 

  • This is a Riddle-branded page – the name and numbers will change slightly based on your specific quiz.
  • All viral traffic are directed to your Riddle-branded page, and not your site.

Want to learn more? Read our more detailed description about how to share your Riddle quiz:

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