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Riddle’s quiz maker makes it easy to quickly build online quizzes, polls, lists, and more. Awesome at engaging your audience or gathering emails and powering your marketing funnel, here’s how you can use Riddle to embed 15 different types of online quizzes, polls, and more on your site.

First off, at Riddle, we like to give you options… lots of options. Flexibility is a huge advantage – so you can adapt Riddle’s quiz maker to your particular engagement or lead generation needs.

When it comes to embedding your quiz, check out these five ways to publish and share your quiz masterpiece.

embed online quizzes

Embed online quizzes: Using our embed code

  • Standard: Our recommended option, this embed code works for about 98% of the sites our community uses. It is fully responsive – built to seamlessly resize to any screen size. It doesn’t matter if your viewers are taking your quiz on their smartphone, tablet or desktop – your quizzes will automatically display at their best size. If you are using the hidden URL parameter fields in our drag and drop form builder, you need to use this code or that particular field is not going to work.
  • No JavaScript: We’ll occasionally see sites that don’t accept JavaScript in any embed codes. If that’s the case for you, you can try this embed option. It’s very similar to our standard – but it’s not responsive. Instead, this embed code has a fixed height relative to width. So you’ll need to experiment a bit to find the optimum size embed to display your quiz at its best.
  • No CSS/JavaScript: This last embed option is the one to try if your site or CMS is throwing up issues. It removes the CSS and JavaScript from the iFrame – which helps address any compatibility issues your site might be having. The downside is that this makes automatic resizing a wee bit more tricky. The quiz comes with a fixed width – and you’ll then pick a fixed height in pixels that will work best in your site. Both dimensions can be changed but it will require some trial and error.
  • AMP: Riddle also works well on Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). Sure, AMP is a bit more tricky to set up, but don’t worry – we got a whole help section on our AMP Quiz Maker for you here.

embed online quizzes

That’s not all – you can also customize the embeds using our:

  • Include Riddle content for SEO: Quizzes include a lot of text. Now you can boost your site’s Google ranking by including all the text in the embed code itself, so Google can index it. Simple, easy, and effective.
  • Disable autoscroll: Occasionally, your site might have a few quirks interacting with embedded content. You can use this option to give you more flexibility in how the quiz works on your site.
  • Custom offset: Got a ‘forever there’ menu bar on the top of your site? Sometimes these will overlap embedded content – but not with Riddle’s custom offset option. Simply specify the pixel height of the menu bar, and your quiz will always show up below it.
  • Lazy load images: Add images make quizzes ‘pop’ on the screen visually – and really grab and hold the quiz taker’s attention. But images can be memory hogs – slowing down page load times. Check out our ‘lazy loading’ feature – instead of downloading them all before starting the quiz, it loads the first few images, for faster quiz load times and better completion rates.

Embed online quizzes: WordPress

  • Free WordPress plug-in: Is your site built using WordPress.org?  You can use our plug-in and create all that Riddle awesomeness directly from within WordPress.org. Grab our free plug-in here – then follow the easy installation instructions.
  • Note – for a tiny number of users, their WordPress themes don’t play nicely with Riddle’s plug-in. Don’t worry – you can also create a quiz directly on Riddle.com, then just paste our standard embed code directly into any page or post (using the text editor – not the visual).
  • WordPress.com sites: If you use a WordPress.com site (hosted by WordPress directly), WordPress does not allow Javascript to be executed and also does not allow any plugins to be used on sites hosted with them. So this means there’s isn’t a way for us to make a Riddle work on WordPress.com. Alas, the only solution is to move to a self-hosted WordPress blog. 🙁

Using the Riddle Showcase URL for quiz publishing

  • And for those folks who either don’t have a site or just want a quick and easy way to share their Riddle quiz – you can share directly via the URL our system generates once you publish.
    • Press the green ‘Publish’ button
    • Copy and share the quiz URL (something like this: riddle.com/showcase/123456/quiz – but your quiz numbers will be different)

embed online quizzes

IMPT: We recommend using any of the other four options if you can.

That way, once a quiz is on your site, our system can track and send all viral traffic back to you. For example, if User A posts on FB, User B sees and shares on Pinterest, and so on), our system knows your site – and directs these new users to you.

Sharing the Riddle URL directly (e.g. ‘riddle.com/showcase/123456/quiz’) skips this step – so your audience will all come back to Riddle, and not your site.

But we like to include this option as an easy alternative for people without a site – or if you just need a quick way to share a quiz with  your audience without getting your web folks involved.

Hope that’s helpful – if you have any questions about how to embed quizzes on your site, just give us a shout via our support chat on Riddle or by email at hello@riddle.com. As big customer service geeks, we read and answer every message. 🙂

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