Quiz maker pricing (removing VAT)

All of the prices for Riddle’s quiz maker plans include VAT (Value added tax).

If your business is based in the EU (and you have a valid EU VAT ID), you will be able to enter your VAT ID during checkout so you won’t be charged VAT.

Are you a company – but don’t have your own VAT ID?

We highly recommend you consider registering for one.

You’d essentially get from a 19% to 25% discount (depending on your country) – so definitely worth signing up for.

(One note for our German customers: Riddle is a German company with the snazzy name of Riddle Technologies AG. Our invoices will list the VAT amount for deduction when you file your VAT reports.)

Example – VAT savings

Let’s show an example – imagine you’re a French firm who wants to sign up to Riddle’s Team plan.

You could choose from either our monthly or our annual plans:

Pay monthlyPay annually
€299.00€199.00Monthly cost
– €49.83– €33.1720% VAT
€249.17€165.83Cost per month (less VAT)
€1,990.00Annual cost (1 payment)
€2,990.00Annual cost (12 monthly payments)

Quiz maker pricing – how to deduct VAT

Here’s how you can easily add your VAT number to your quiz creator subscription.

Any questions VAT and our quiz maker pricing?

Please just let us know on support chat – we can often just add your VAT # directly ourselves.