Quiz Lead Generation 2.0 – saving your data

Riddle is a fully GDPR-compliant quiz maker – so we give you maximum flexibility on how and where you’ll save your leads and data.

To save your leads, you have several options.

We offer multiple choices to save your data:

Save on the Riddle.com servers

Save them with Riddle on our secure servers in Germany. Saving them there is GDPR compliant but you might want to ask us for a custom Data Protection Agreement (DPA) in case you ever need our support team to access your account and help with lead collection. Otherwise, the data is only accessible to you. By using our lead management tool, you can also review all the data stored for a particular email address and safely delete that data. This is a key GDPR requirement.

When you save your quiz data on Riddle’s servers in Germany you can download them as a CSV or XLS file.

Please note – as part of our GDPR-compliance, we suggest to include this text on your form – explaining how we will store your audience’s data for you. We add this automatically, but if you are not saving any data from EU citizens and are not based in the EU, you might be allowed to disable this.

Save in Google Sheets (Google Docs)

Choose this option to send data from the Riddle and from the lead form to a Google Sheet.

Please note that this feature requires a Riddle Pro or higher subscription!

Google Sheets is a hosted spreadsheet and according to Google it is fully GDPR compliant. But please double check the Google documentation before using this if GDPR is relevant to you.

The Google sheets setup is explained in detail here.

Send to a CRM like MailChimp or AWeber

You can also use Riddle to automatically send your data to your email software – such as MailChimp or AWeber.


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