Quiz Lead Generation 2.0 – changing or disconnecting a data connection

Have you set up a connection to MailChimp or another of our natively integrated apps in our lead generation 2.0 form builder – and now want to change it?

No problem – it couldn’t be easier:

  1. Select the ‘Connect’ option in the form builder
  2. Click on the ‘x’ below your connection (in the example below – it’s MailChimp)

That will terminate the connection – and you can choose a new one:

  • Connect: In our ‘connect’ step of our form builder, you can choose our native integrations.
  • Save: In the ‘save’ step, choose to send your lead data and quiz responses to DropBox, Google Docs, or save directly on Riddle’s servers

Want to send your data to another app?

  • Our Zapier app makes this easy – no coding required. (Zapier is free for most uses as well – so it’s a very good alternative.)

Riddle Zapier app – send quiz data to any email tool


Here’s a quick video showing these options in action: