How can I download quiz stats as a CSV?

Quizzes are brilliant for engagement – and lead generation.

And you can use our ‘analyze’ step to, well, analyze your quiz’s performance – to see what’s working, and how to improve it.

But what if you want to get the raw data – and crunch or display the numbers in Excel or any other data tool?

How to download quiz statistics as a CSV

Easy – for our Pro or Team plan subscribers, here’s how:

  • Edit your Riddle content
  • Go to the ‘analyze’ step
  • Click on ‘download’, then select ‘CSV’
  • (Our PDF option will be coming soon!)

CSV quiz statistics – files

When you download your quiz stats, you’ll receive a .zip file with several different files.

For added flexibility, we give you these daily views of your quiz takers’ data:

  • By device
  • By operating system
  • By region
  • Question and answer breakdown
  • Lead generation form performance – views/skips/submits
  • Results – which quiz taker got which result
  • High level stats – views/starts/completes, plus a breakdown of shares by platform (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Complete – this is our ‘everything and the kitchen sink’ option. It includes the entire data set (including all the above reports) for one easy source to import.

How to use your CSV quiz statistics data

CSV files are very flexible – and can be imported into most data programes like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

We recommend:

  • Using the ‘Complete Data’ report
  • Create a pivot table and import that CSV
  • Select which fields you need – and create custom reports for your stakeholders.

Another option – check out Google’s Data Studio.

It’s a super powerful and slick way to make visual reports based off CSV files – around your specific requirements.