We’re excited… Riddle’s quiz maker now features an ActiveCampaign integration. Now, with our Pro or Team plans, you can automatically send quiz leads and responses to your ActiveCampaign account for follow up marketing – no coding required.

ActiveCampaign integrations with Riddle quiz maker

ActiveCampaign is one of the most popular (and fastest-growing) email marketing tools right now – and has developed a big fan base of small and medium businesses. We’re more than a little thrilled to make it even easier to use with Riddle.

Worried about GDPR and data privacy?

  • Riddle’s quiz maker (and our ActiveCampaign integration) is GDPR-compliant.
  • For instance, all the personally identifiable information from the quiz leads you gather will go directly to ActiveCampaign and not hit Riddle’s servers.
  • Here’s more info about Riddle’s GDPR/CCPA data privacy set up.

Video walkthrough: ActiveCampaign integration with Riddle

Getting started with our ActiveCampaign integration

You’ll need your own ActiveCampaign account of course – the good news? They start at $9 a month for a pretty robust set of features.

And of course, you’ll need to create a quiz using Riddle – and include a lead generation form.

Step 1: Add contact fields in Active Campaign

Next up, you’ll need to create fields in your contacts on ActiveCampaign, so that lead and quiz data can be mapped and sent over.

Adding a field with ActiveCampaign integration

Some will already exist of course – name, email, and the like.

But you will probably want to create fields (using our ActiveCampaign integration) like:

  • Quiz result – for the user’s overall quiz result (e.g. “You’re a savvy saver” for a finance quiz)
  • Quiz score – to show how many points they got
  • Question 1 answer – store individual quiz question responses
  • Question 2 answer – same as above
  • Checkbox – useful for tracking compliance with your terms and conditions, or other legal stuff

IMPT: Choose ‘text input’ for each custom field you create. (ActiveCampaign will give you several options about the type of data. Always, always, always select ‘text input’.)

Choosing right field type for activecampaign integration

Step 2: Connect ActiveCampaign with Riddle

Right – next up… you’ll want to connect your account with Riddle using our handy ActiveCampaign integration.

  • Pop over to your ActiveCampaign account
  • Click on Settings > Developer
  • Copy the URL and Key from the API Access section
Activecampaign integration - developer settings
  • Go to Riddle – and open the ‘Integrations’ section
Riddle quiz maker ActiveCampaign integration - settings
  • Select ‘Accounts’ and select ActiveCampaign
  • Paste the URL into the API URL field in Riddle
  • Then paste your ActiveCampaign API key
  • Click ‘Create integration’
Riddle quiz maker ActiveCampaign integration - api keys
  • Now create (or edit) your Riddle content.
  • Create a lead form – including any fields you want to send to ActiveCampaign.
  • In the ‘Collect leads’ step, click on ‘Connect’.
  • Select ‘ActiveCampaign’.
Riddle quiz maker ActiveCampaign integration - making connection

Step 3: Map your lead data from Riddle to ActiveCampaign

Let’s start mapping your data using our ActiveCampaign integration. It might sound technical and tricky, but don’t worry – it’s not.

  • Simply click on the button by each field from your ActiveCampaign.
  • Now, choose the matching field from your lead form.
ActiveCampaign integration - mapping lead generation fields
ActiveCampaign integration - mapping custom fields
  • You can also map quiz results, question answers, and more.
  • Don’t worry if you see ‘Dynamic data’ some options – that just means these will be populated with the user’s quiz responses.

Step 4: Tags based on quiz results

You can also tag each lead based on their overall quiz results with the ActiveCampaign integration and Riddle’s quiz maker – a handy way to segment your leads for follow up marketing.

Riddle ActiveCampaign integration - tagging

For example, imagine you’re a financial consultant who created a “Are you really prepared for retirement?” personality test as a lead magnet.

You could tag people who got “Savvy savers” as ‘hot leads’ – since they might be looking for investment advice. Your marketing messages would be focused around getting the most return from their nest egg.

Quiz takers who scored “You’re a ‘seize the day’ spender” could be tagged ‘prospects’. In this case, you’d send them more education-focused messages, about the need to start saving ASAP.

Step 5: ActiveCampaign integration – double opt-in

Riddle’s ActiveCampaign integration also supports the double opt-in, where each lead would need to click on an emailed link before they’re added to your list.

We have a handy email builder – so you can craft personalized messages inside Riddle:

Riddle quiz maker ActiveCampaign integration double optin

Step 6: Use our ActiveCampaign integration with Google Sheets & more

Ready for more good news? You can use our ActiveCampaign integration along with any of our other data capture tools.

For example, you might want to collect and send leads to ActiveCampaign, but also use our Google Sheets integration for an easy to reference list of leads.

Or perhaps you want to send out detailed quiz reports to each lead from within Riddle using our email result builder – then follow up in ActiveCampaign.

No problem – all of these tools will work well with our ActiveCampaign integration.

Step 7: Test, test, test (just in cases*)

Our ActiveCampaign integration works very well with our quiz maker.

However, any time you’re working with several bit of software – it’s critical to fully test your quiz, lead generation form, and ActiveCampaign account before you start sending leads through.

We recommend you sign up in your quiz as a few demo users – to make sure that all of your data is being passed flawlessly.

And of course, if we can help in any way, please just let us know by support chat or at hello@riddle.com.

Our whole team are passionate about quizzes and lead generation – plus we’re super fast to respond, often in under 60 seconds. Boom!

*We had to repurpose a quote from one of our favorite movies (“Love, Actually”). Yup, we’re more than a bit geeky that way!

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