Team features

  • How can I transfer a quiz to a different team?

    Have you made a quiz in one team – then wanted to move it to another? It’s super easy. Go to ‘My Riddles’ Click on your Riddle Then ‘Transfer’ Want to keep the original version – and move a copy to the new team? You can keep the original version, and move a duplicate copy […]

  • Multi-user: can I invite my colleagues to my account?

    Great question – while our BASIC and PRO plans are single user, our ENTERPRISE plan was designed so multiple people could collaborate and create quizzes together. Teams – key features: You’ll be able to add unlimited numbers of teams (by client or by department – ‘editorial’, ‘marketing’, etc.). Everyone in that team will get their own […]

  • Team roles: Admin, Editor, and Author

    We added Riddle’s team function so you can create quizzes together with your colleagues. But working collaboratively has some challenges – so we added different team roles, so you can manage your team more effectively: Admins: no surprise here, admins are the ‘super users’ of teams. Templates: they can create and modify templates, including the […]

  • How do team templates work?

    Part of our ENTERPRISE plan, team templates are a powerful way to save time, while ensuring your quizzes seamlessly match your site’s look and feel. All changes you make under the ‘Customize’ section can be saved – from fonts to colors, logos and social sharing. Create a team. Under ‘My Riddles’ – make sure that […]

  • Can I set a 'default' template for a team?

    You bet. Templates are your saved combination of fonts, colors, CSS and more. Once you create one, setting a default template for a team is a good idea. This way – every time one of your colleagues starts making a quiz, your template that matches your site’s unique look/feel will automatically be applied. Here’s how […]