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  • Video introduction to Riddle's quiz maker

    Welcome to Riddle! Here’s our quick video introduction to our quiz maker, including: creating your first quiz collecting emails with a lead generation form customization & white labelling your quiz publishing to your site But any questions? Please just ask us on support chat – we’re big customer service geeks, and generally race each other […]

  • Step 1: What quiz should I create?

    Want to create your first quiz – but aren’t sure what type? Quiz: A series of ‘right/wrong’ questions, your users will get a ‘You got X out of Y correct… You’re <result name>!’ type result.  Personality test: No correct or incorrect answers – instead, each person gets an overall result, based on how they answered the […]

  • Step 2: How can I collect emails in my quiz?

    Quizzes are awesome lead generation/email collection tools – and Riddle makes it easy for you to collect user emails and their quiz responses.  What should you do? In the ‘Collect leads’ step, create a lead generation form using our tools to ask for user responses and email addresses (like this quiz by the NBA’s Chicago Bulls). […]

  • Step 3: How can I customize my quiz?

    We know your quiz is unique – so we’ve designed Riddle to be super flexible for your needs. All our plans let you customize your quiz – from: Look: Colors, fonts, backgrounds, buttons and more Structure: Add lead forms, choose when to display answers, how answers at end of the quiz or  Social sharing: Get your quiz viral. […]

  • Step 4: How do I publish/share my quiz?

    Once you’ve created a Riddle head to the “Publish” section, the best way to get people to see your Riddles is to share it. Option 1 – Embedded on your site (Highly recommended!): Best option for most creators Press ‘Publish’ Copy our standard embed codes – and embed in any page or post on your […]