• How does the 'disable auto-scroll' option work?

    Riddle’s embedded quizzes work seamlessly on almost every web site and CMS around. But occasionally, you might notice a behaviour where the view is not taken automatically to the top of the quiz unit after each question. For example: user answers question scrolls down to view answer description clicks ‘next’ does not ‘jump’ back to […]

  • Embedding Riddle quizzes in Unbounce landing pages

    Unbounce is a popular and powerful landing page builder, used by many marketers across the gl0be.  Riddle’s quiz maker works with almost every CMS out of the box – but Unbounce is a little special so there’s an extra step. If you’d like to embed your Riddle quiz into your Unbounce page, you just need […]

  • AMP Support

    Riddle supports Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Want to embed your Riddle quiz into an AMP page? You’ll just need to copy 2 pieces of code into your page. 1) Add the Riddle AMP Script to the <head> section of your page [crayon-5b79e1f991426249552902/]2) Put the <amp-riddle-quiz> tag in the body of your page where you want […]

  • How can I share/publish my quiz?

    Once you’ve created a Riddle head to the “Publish” section, the best way to get people to see your Riddles is to share it. Option 1 – Embedded on your site (Highly recommended!): Best option for most creators Press ‘Publish’ Copy our standard embed codes – and embed in any page or post on your […]

  • Can I embed my Riddle quiz on Wordpress?

    Absolutely – Riddle is super WordPress-friendly. Here’s how to embed your quiz on your site: Download and install our free WordPress plug-in. Copy & paste your quiz embed code into the text editor. (The plug-in is really just a short cut – so you can paste in the short code for your Riddle.) You […]