• Riddle's quiz maker cookies and tracking

    With the EU’s privacy data regulation the GDPR now part of the regulatory landscape, we’re often asked about how our quiz maker cookies and tracking. We’re a fully GDPR-compliant quiz maker – but we also wanted to pr0vide more information here. Cookies and Riddle’s quiz maker: We only use one cookie – called SID. This is […]

  • Riddle's Zapier app - help & FAQ

    What Riddle triggers and actions are supported? Supported triggers Post Riddle quiz – triggers after any type of Riddle quiz is completed. Once your Riddle quiz is completed, all data from the Riddle (including anything that was entered into a lead form) will be sent to Zapier. Supported actions Riddle only sends data to Zapier […]

  • Zapier and Riddle - send leads to any software

    You can easily connect Riddle to almost any software (you name it – from Constant Contact to Salesforce and many more) using Zapier. (Back story – Zapier is a great tech service, they connect any software to almost any other system… no coding required.) As examples, you can automatically send leads and their quiz responses […]

  • Can I send quiz takers to a URL based on their responses?

    Absolutely! Use our ‘custom result landing pages’ for this. Here’s how it works: One of your audience starts taking your quiz. They are blown away by your quiz’s wit and insight. 😉 After the last question – they are automatically directed to any URL you specify. Simply add the URL you’d like them to visit […]

  • How can I use Facebook or other tracking pixels?

    Can I use Facebook, DFP, and other tracking pixels in my Riddle quizzes? Absolutely – you can now fire a Facebook or other tracking pixel when your readers interact with your Riddle or fill in your lead forms. (We support DFP and other tracking pixels as well. Just skip the next paragraph and continue on below […]