• Why use 'lazy loading images'?

    We’ve added a powerful new feature to make your riddles load even faster. Sure, it’s got a funny name that might make you think of a slothful Homer Simpson. But lazy loading is fast, really fast – it can speed up your visitors’ quiz experience on your site. The back story: We load your entire […]

  • Reset your Wordpress token

    Riddle’s WordPress plug-in makes it easy to create and embed quizzes on your self-hosted WordPress sites. But sometimes, you might see a message saying your token is not working. Fear not – there’s an easy fix. (The back story? Riddle uses a token as a security measure – it’s the magic key to let you […]

  • How to use the custom offset

    Many websites these days have a ‘sticky’ or always visible top menu bar – that is present no matter how far down the page you scroll. This can cause issues with embedding a quiz – because your site’s header bar will overlap the quiz, and your audience will have to scroll down after each questions. […]

  • Riddle's quiz maker cookies and tracking

    With the EU’s privacy data regulation the GDPR now part of the regulatory landscape, we’re often asked about how our quiz maker cookies and tracking. We’re a fully GDPR-compliant quiz maker – but we also wanted to pr0vide more information here. Cookies and Riddle’s quiz maker: We only use one cookie – called SID. This is […]

  • Display your quiz on a blank page

    Riddle’s quiz maker comes with a wide range of publishing options – you can embed your quiz into WordPress, HubSpot, or any other CMS. However, sometimes you might want to publish your quiz on a completely blank page for maximum visual impact- without website header, menu, or footer. If you’re publishing pages directly to your […]