• AMP Support

    Riddle supports Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Want to embed your Riddle quiz into an AMP page? You’ll just need to copy 2 pieces of code into your page. 1) Add the Riddle AMP Script to the <head> section of your page

    2) Put the <amp-riddle-quiz> tag in the body of your page where you want […]

  • How can I share/publish my quiz?

    Once you’ve created a Riddle head to the “Publish” section, the best way to get people to see your Riddles is to share it. Option 1 – Embedded on your site (Highly recommended!): Best option for most creators Press ‘Publish’ Copy our standard embed codes – and embed in any page or post on your […]

  • Can I embed my Riddle quiz on Wordpress?

    Absolutely – Riddle is super WordPress-friendly. Here’s how to embed your quiz on your site: Download and install our free WordPress plug-in. Copy & paste your quiz embed code into the text editor. (The plug-in is really just a short cut – so you can paste in the short code for your Riddle.) You […]

  • Are my Riddles private?

    Great question… your Riddle essentially is private on Once you embed your quiz on your site, generally only people who find your site can view it. We do have a preview URL that you can get this in the ‘Publish’ step: (the name and numbers will change slightly based on your specific quiz). But while […]

  • How to change the size of my embedded quiz?

    The good news is that you can change the width of your Riddles to any dimension – and everything scales up. You can change the width in the ‘Publish’ screen: Or – you can change the max-width:### parameter in the embed code to whatever pixel size you guys need. <div class=”riddle_target” data-fg=”#1486CD” data-bg=”#FFFFFF” style=”margin:0 auto;max-width:640px;“><script […]