Images, GIFs, Videos

  • How to edit images

    We’ve designed Riddle’s quiz maker with built-in image editing – sort of a PhotoShop-lite. The idea? Let you quickly choose images then crop or add text, filters, and other effects – all within Riddle. Fast image editing means faster quiz creation – plus no need to ask for your team’s designer for help! (For more image […]

  • What types of images or videos can I use in a Riddle?

    Images, YouTube videos, animated gifs, web articles… really, you can add pretty much any type of media under the sun. In our media selector, simply click on one of the available media options and just search for whatever you need without ever leaving the site. We currently support: Google:  The Amazon of Riddle’s image options, […]

  • What size images work best?

    Images are the rocket fuel for quizzes – the right pictures can turn an average quiz into an awesomely engaging one. You can make quizzes in three orientations – wide, tall, or square. Each uses different image dimensions. We include a ‘crop’ tool – just click on ‘edit’ on any image. Widescreen: sizes like 1280×720 […]

  • Can I use my own images?

    Dang straight! We have lots of media options – like Giphy, Google, and more. But if you have your own images (.jpg, .png, or .gif only): Click on our media selector when creating any question or answer – then ‘upload’. Next, select ‘choose file’ – and pick the right image. Or, even easier – drag […]

  • How can I embed YouTube videos?

    Videos are incredibly engaging – and Riddle makes it easy to search and paste in any YouTube clip into any type of Riddle. In the media selector, choose ‘YouTube’. Type in your search terms Or paste in the video’s URL Even better – you can set the video’s start and end points, instead of playing […]