• How can I customize quiz social sharing?

    Riddle’s quiz maker has been designed with integrated social sharing – so your audience can easily share their quiz results with their friends and social networks. Your audience will be able to easily share their results on: Facebook WhatsApp Twitter Messenger The way sharing with Riddle works: Your audience takes any Riddle quiz. They see […]

  • How can I change languages?

    Riddle is fully localized – both in our quiz creation tools and the finished quiz. Quiz viewer (in over 35 languages – and counting): To change the language of any quiz your audience will see on your site: Click on ‘Customize’ Then the ‘Basic’ tab Select the langauge Go to ‘Publish’ and press the green […]

  • Can I randomize/shuffle questions and answers?

    Want to shuffle the order of your questions and answers? We’ve made it easy – now, each quiz taker will have a new experience every time they take your quiz or personality test. We’ve made it easy: Go to the ‘Customize’ step Click on the ‘More+’ tab Choose to shuffle the order of: questions (from […]

  • CSS editor - can I see some examples?

    We get this question a lot. Riddle’s CSS editor (Enterprise plan) is incredibly flexible – and you can change almost any visual element to match your site’s look and feel. Check out this spectacular poll by soccer publisher 90min – to promote the launch ‘Game Night’: Here are some examples – so you can see […]

  • How accessible are Riddle's quizzes (for disabilities)?

    Absolutely, we have worked with the BBC (world leaders in implementing accessibility for their audience) to add the following improvements for your hearing/vision/motor-skill impaired audience: Alt-tags – add descriptive text for screen readers to say aloud (visually impaired) Tab accessibility – your audience can tab through your embedded quiz (motor-skill impaired) Button highlights – change […]