• CSS editor - can I see some examples?

    We get this question a lot. Riddle’s CSS editor (Enterprise plan) is incredibly flexible – and you can change almost any visual element to match your site’s look and feel. Check out this spectacular poll by soccer publisher 90min – to promote the launch ‘Game Night’: Here are some examples – so you can see […]

  • How accessible are Riddle's quizzes (for disabilities)?

    Absolutely, we have worked with the BBC (world leaders in implementing accessibility for their audience) to add the following improvements for your hearing/vision/motor-skill impaired audience: Alt-tags – add descriptive text for screen readers to say aloud (visually impaired) Tab accessibility – your audience can tab through your embedded quiz (motor-skill impaired) Button highlights – change […]

  • How can I hide the Riddle logo?

    No problem – we designed Riddle so you could easily create quizzes that 100% match your site’s branding. With our PRO and ENTERPRISE plans, you can hide all Riddle branding – as well as upload your own logo. Are you creating content for different clients? Agencies love Riddle – you can upload a different logo […]

  • Quiz: How I show quiz answers AFTER my lead form?

    Normally, each Riddle quiz taker immediately sees the correct answer after each question. But if you’re using lead generation, it can be useful to delay showing their results until after the user completes your lead form – it encourages more completions. Here’s how: From ‘My Riddles’, click on ‘edit’ by your quiz Click on the […]

  • Polls: Can I automatically close my poll at a set time/date?

    Sure – polls are great ways to capture a snapshot of your audience’s opinions. Now, you don’t need to remember to close a poll: From ‘My Riddles’, click on ‘edit’ by your poll Click on the ‘Customize’ step Then – the ‘More+’ tab Select ‘Set poll closing date’ Pick your date and time – then […]