Make a quiz with animated GIFs – three options

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Animated GIF’s are massively popular today. You’ve probably seen them online in your social feed on Facebook or Twitter – those quirky or funny looping animations that instantly catch your eye. They work on Riddle’s quiz creator too. Here’s how you can make a quiz with animated GIFs for a big lift in virality and engagement.

Make a quiz with animated GIFs: Image sources

How can you find the perfect animated GIF for your quiz?

There are a number of sites with thousands of GIFs to choose from – but the most famous is

  • Simply search and find the perfect GIF.
  • In the ‘advanced’ section, click ‘download’ to save this GIF to your computer.
  • Add this to your Riddle quiz using the ‘Upload image’ option.

quiz with animated GIFs

You can also do an image search on Google:

  • Simply add ‘animated GIF’ to your search term (ie. cats animated gif)
  • Paste the image URL into the image search field.

quiz with animated GIFs

Make a quiz with animated GIFs: Create your own

Want to build your own animated GIF?

It’s easy:

Make a quiz with animated GIFs: Image specifications

Any animated GIF generally needs to be under 250KB. (This is a limit from our image hosting provider.)

If you find that your GIF doesn’t appear after you load it on Riddle, you should look at the file size.

To reduce the GIF’s file size:

An animated GIF’s file size is a little quirky. It’s the total resolution x the number of frames.

Our image provider has a 7MB limit for your GIF’s total file size.

With animated GIFs, file size really is X <# of frames>.

So for example, a GIF of 1,000 pixels high x 800 pixels wide x 200 frames = 800,000 pixels x 200 frames = 160,000,000 bytes (160MB!).

  1. To avoid this issue, you want to make each frame as small as possible in Photoshop or whatever your designer used.
  2. 960×540 for our wide format is ideal.
  3. Second, you can reduce the # of frames per second – something like 5 or 6 per second is fine.
  4. Third, you can use a free tool like to reduce the file size by about 40%.

Don’t worry – you can do this in Photoshop (here’s a tutorial), or use this handy free tool called EzGIF.

Any questions? Just let us know at!

(We’re big customer service geeks at Riddle, and everyone from our CEO Boris Pfeiffer on down race each other to help our community with questions.)

PS. Want to see how our partners make a quiz with animated GIFs? Check out our favorite examples in our ‘Content Marketing Superheroes‘ post.

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