VIDEO: How to embed any Riddle into your site or blog

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Creating a great quiz, list, or poll with Riddle’s quiz make is just the start. We recommend embedding it in your site or blog, so that as your viewers share it with their friends (and their friends of friends), all of that word of mouth traffic comes back to your site.

The good news? It’s a snap – just copy and paste a bit of code and you’re all set.

Embedding your Riddle quiz or other content is super simple: 

1. Go to the ‘Publish’ step in your Riddle. Make sure you’ve pressed the green ‘publish’ button – it should now say ‘Unpublish’.
2. Copy the embed code.
3. Paste the code directly in any page on your website or blog. Note: for blogs, you’ll most likely need to paste this in the ‘text editor’ – not the visual editor.

Here’s a quick video tutorial:

For a more detailed look – check out this blog post we whipped up covering the various options:

And of course, if you have any questions, please let us know at

We read and respond to everybody – often in under 5 minutes flat. Boom!

And as a wee start up, you can probably tell we’re focusing our resources on cool technology – not on hiring talent for voiceovers. 😉


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