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Hey – we get it. Time is tight these days – that’s why we just introduced your new quiz time-saver.

Now with Riddle’s quiz maker, you can duplicate any question or answer with just a click.

We’d like to claim credit for the idea, but we didn’t think of this ourselves.

Nope, it was our amazing Riddle community who kept asking for this feature on our support chat. It turns out that many quizzes, lists, or other content on Riddle often have very similar questions.

Instead of having to type everything and select all the images, a quick copy does this in a second – and you can make whatever minor changes you need.

Here’s the copy button – it appears when you mouse-over any question or result.

I whipped up this quick video showing this feature in action – with an example use case:

Any questions or ideas to make Riddle better? Please let us know at – big thanks!

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