You can edit images directly within Riddle’s online quiz maker. We added Pixie’s image editor to our quiz creator – so you can quickly make changes to images, all from within our quiz creator. This saves time and effort – you won’t need to use Photoshop or other tools, then re-uploading to Riddle.

The idea?

Let you quickly choose images then crop or add text, filters, and other effects – all within Riddle. Fast image editing means fast quiz creation – and no need to ask your designer for help!

(For more image tips – check out our blog posts: ‘What size image work best?‘ or ‘Choosing the right quiz image‘.)

Edit images – easy steps

In our media selector, add images from Google, Pexels, Facebook, Twitter, our stock photography, or upload your own.

edit images - Riddle choices

Please note: you can only edit images – not animated GIFs or videos.

Next – click on ‘edit’.

edit images

Once in our image editor, you can choose from:

  • Crop – Improve your image’s impact by removing any unnecessary parts. And don’t worry – our crop tool is locked to your quiz’s layout (wide, tall, square) so your image will automatically fit your quiz.
  • Transform – Rotate or flip your images.
  • Draw – Use the brush/pen tool to draw directly on your images.
  • Text – Edit images and make them even more engaging by adding text (ex. add ‘Great job!’ to the image you display to top scorers on your quiz).
  • Shapes – Get creative and add arrows, circles, squares and other shapes.
  • Filter – Easily make your images visually ‘pop’ with black/white, Polaroid, vintage and other Instagram-like filters.
  • Stickers – Add emojis or other icons to your images.

Whew – that’s one heck of a lot of creative options at your fingertips!

All finished? Click ‘Save’ to place the edited image in your quiz.

crop images riddle quiz maker

And voila, that’s how to edit images in a nutshell – you’re ready to unleash your inner quiz artist!

Questions about quizzes and editing pictures?

If you need any help quiz-related – from setting up the perfect quiz to how to edit images – just ask away.

Our entire team of quiz experts loves to help out – and we all drop everything to try and be the first to respond.

(There’s a monthly beer competition involved – plus pride is at stake. This means you’ll get an answer in under two minutes!)

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